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12 October 2015 @ 06:52 pm
I don't really care  
I'm choking. Oh my god, I am so glad I bought Samurai Warriors 4-II and the DLC.

There's this stupid mission with Magoichi where he brings together 'The unique men who have trouble with women' and Kagekatsu Uesugi is there. Like fuck, I love Kagekatsu. He is a straight up prince among men. And Magoichi is complaining that it's so hard for him because he's so handsome and women don't realize it. Masanori and Goemon are there ttoo and they get right into it. Because damn, they're not handsome but women should like them too! What does Kagekatsu say?

"I don't really care."

Baby, I love you so much. Like, I legit love him. He's like... my fucking favourite. Him and Kenshin and their complete inability to connect with people.

But yeah, so, my baby is being dragged into a fight he really doesn't want to be in. I love it. To top it off, I read on the wiki that he'll be the only one who will be happy not to meet a bunch of women after because he just wants nothing to do with anyone. Like he is literally my baby.

And I do mean that. He's level 40 in my Samurai Warriors 4 game with his rare weapon Susano'o's Hatchet. He is such a beast.

Update: "Being kind can attract women? That's frightening."

Update 2: Masanori: I'm awkward. Ladies will love that!
Kagekatsu: I'm awkward as well. This is worrisome.