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29 October 2015 @ 07:52 am
The Small Things  
Well, still depressed as fuck. Still got no jobs. But slowly, small things are making me a bit better.

Mum wants to take me to Jasper on Saturday. She's pretty much the only one who saw me break down so... it's sweet of her. I said yes, I want to go because Jasper has always been a place very dear to my heart. I used to run away to it when I was miserable at my old job too. Only now it will take longer to get there... but I don't mind the drive.

I'm also getting a few of my emotions back. Smiling and such. I had a cute dream about Kagekatsu being an adorable cupcake so... Slowly but surely, I suppose. I'm still numb to my classmates, though. And a lot of my teachers. I suppose I just need to get through the course and graduate. Then find some shitty job I don't really want because I got nothing else. That doom and gloom is always on the horizon. But... I've got some video games. I just will have to take life one game at a time.

It still bothers me that I thought my life would go somewhere else. That I would get a job I would be happy with since I have all these options. Now I have no options, useless skills, and I'm a basic waste on society. It just.... ugh.

But like I said, one game at a time. I guess I'll start up Samurai Warriors again and do the campaigns. Try and get the trophies for it. Get into the games more so I can write for it...