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30 December 2015 @ 03:23 pm
Smooth As Silk  
Oh man. So, playing on my PS4 and I bought Samurai Warriors 4-II. Of course. But oh god, I've only been playing Survival mode and Challenge mode and in the course of three days I managed to get Kagekatsu up to level 50. He's slow, but a tank so I don't mind. I use him to farm for strategy tomes. But playing as Magoichi... unf. He's as smooth as silk to play. He's got this beautiful slide that is so natural to play as it's like skating on butter. Like again, just gliding is so... unnnnnf.

Which is funny considering I don't think Magoichi is my second favourite male (he might be now). I actually am fighting between Sakon and Tadakatsu because hot damn bara dads. But then... Magoichi. The struggle is real.

Anyways, still fighting along. Oh, I also found out I might be an Aunt in August. I was excited hearing it but now that it's faded off... meh. Sort of interesting though.