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05 January 2016 @ 02:56 pm
Ripping Shirts  
HnnnnnnGGGGGHH. I just finished all the Events for Legend of a Land United and HNNNNGH Naotora's ending with the Shimazu killed me. It ends with her chasing Toyohisa down and right when she gets him, he shoots her. Then Tadakatsu comes and slays him.

Thing is, in the Eastern Army's story, she survives. So, my little shipping head went nuts with how this could canonically happen which is naturally, she didn't die from getting shot. Tadakatsu took her back to get her patched up and she still lives. Emphasis here on Tadakatsu bringing her back. Just... flailing words.

Other than that, I still have quite the few Events to find and Objectives to clear. I am doing them, slowly but surely, but it is a pain. Fighting a battle six times gets really tedious, not going to lie.