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25 March 2016 @ 06:44 am
New Cats  
Neko Atsume updated with new cats and I'm freaking out. NEW CATS NEW CATS NEW CATS.

Oh, and I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. It sucked. It really sucked. I barely slept this morning because my tongue wouldn't lay right in my mouth and such and I taste blood sometimes and it's just been all around terrible. But at least it gives me the excuse to play video games all day. I married Kagekatsu off to Lady Hayakawa and I need them to always be married, dammit.

But for some reason I can't get Koshosho to marry Magoichi. I sort of hate that. If I can marry Aya to Nobunaga, I should be able to marry Magoichi to Koshosho.

Anyways, back to Neko Atsume. I need all the cats.