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04 October 2013 @ 11:02 am
Skyrim Kink Meme: General & Dragonborn Prompts  
skyrimkinkmeme Kink Meme prompts. All the ones in here are either general ones or ones focused on the Dragonborn/F!PCs and others.

Any/General Prompts

Any/Any - High School Trope
Can we trope this meme up? And by that I mean asking for the most overused ideas in modern fanfics: The High School AU. Give me Skyrim: High School edition (Or college, since so many adults in this game are middle aged)

Any/Any - First Time Sex
Let's have some first time sex between two lovers. That's it. They can be virgins or not. Anyone and any race is welcome. Newly married couples, femslash, slash, crackships *cough*Ancano/Mirabelle*cough* and so forth.

Any/Any - Sixty Nine
I looked in the past parts but I didn't see it requested. Any two doing a sixty-nine. Bonus if one is a FEMALE Thalmor agent.

Any/Any - Faking an Orgasm
I mean, we've all read the stories where whoever the dragonborn/PC is they always have mind-blowing orgasms. Not that I don't blame them (damn Brynjolf like damn) but at the same time I can't see the guys of Skyrim being 100% studs all the time. Give me that one time the dragonborn or npc had to fake it. Maybe they were tired or not in the mood but let their loved one indulge anyways.

Any/Any - Grooming Habits
A housecarl shaving her Thane/Jarl in an intimate way leading to a roll in the sack or maybe the dragonborn comes across someone cleaning themselves and decides to have a romp. Just some ideas to throw out there. Even braiding which leads to a tussle! No restrictions on genders used or races.

Any/Any - Bukkake
All I want to read is a woman/man blowing off a group of men - be it to save her/his life, in payment, their job to "entertain", whatever. Races preferred are Breton, Dunmer, Bosmer, Imperial, Altmer - can be for both PCs, OCs and NPCs.

Any/Any - M/F/M Threesome
I don't see many threesomes on here anymore and I find them totally hot. I'd love for a female dragonborn, human or mer, getting dominated by two guys. It can be Farkas and Vilkas, two Thalmor Agents, Ulfric and Galmer, Brynjolf and Mercer, whoever. As long as its two guys on one girl and with their attention all on her.

Any/Any - Inn Sex
So...while running all around Skyrim with my follower/husband, we wind up staying in various inns, and of course the message about feeling Lover's Comfort pops up in the morning. The thing is, SO MANY of the inns in Skyrim don't have doors on the rooms.

Any/Any - Trapped
Coming from a primarily winter country I find Skyrim to be beautiful but also frustrating without mods (Frostfall..). Like there's no way with the wind combined with snow doesn't make huge snowdrifts and treacherous conditions and when the snow does build up like that, you don't go out. So snowbound Dragonborn with lover or NPCs with nothing to do until the storm passes except obviously nail each other. Anything goes but no scat or watersports please.

Any/Any - Bedridden
Say our Dragonborn/PC/NPC, whichever is in a brutal fight and for once, a healing potion and a sack of flour doesn't cure them. They're bedridden and in pain. How does the rest deal with it? Their companion/follower/husband/wife/children/dog? If it's a Thane, how does the Jarl and court react to their wounded appointed hero? etc.

Any/Any - Size Accommodation
I can't see even with the amount of foreplay it being a picnic the first time, so it comes down to both needing help in the matter to have a comfortable relationship. Cue a merchant with some hidden help/Priestess of Dibella/Really nosy friend, whatever stepping in with the proposal to work: Gradually stretch their lover with Dwemer toys or Dibella Dildos until they can accommodate them.

Any/Any - Morning Sex
Just as the tin says. Two lovers having a go in the morning. Any race and gender accepted.

Any/Any - Hentai Logic
For those who aren't familiar with 'hentai logic' it basically comes down to a couple of unrealistic things. Buckets of cum over a short period of time, multiple orgasms, stomach bulges, ALWAYS coming together, best friends always mean threesome, pregnancy doesn't exist, innocent boys... (Your sister/stepmom always being into you for some reason, etc.) There's a lot. And as much as I like realism, this stuff can be pretty hot too. And it's all up for grabs.

Any/Any - First Time
Pick any NPC (from the most famous to the most unexpected) and reveal the story of his first time to the meme! What was it like? What did they feel? How did it happen? With whom?

Any/Any - Kidnapped
The Dragonborn or an NPC finds their BFF/Lover missing and has to trek them down and save them. This takes time. And their BFF/lover ends up getting hurt from their captors. (Whether or not they live is up to A!A) I suppose a Race-Against-Time, Hurt/Comfort fic?

Any/Any - Female Ejaculation
What the title says! Want to see a female enjoying herself so much that she squirts all over her partner. I don't mind who it is: DB, OC, N!PC - as long as they're female.

Any/Any - Fluff
As much as I'm a huge fan of smut, the things that usually kill me the most is adorable fluff. Like rot-your-teeth cute fluff with a character. Doesn't have to be with their love interest although anything cute between couples does knock me dead.

Any/Any - Fingering
I don't know why that gets me so hot and bothered but it does. So why not. How about some foreplay action? Don't even care for plot.

Any/Any - Cute Outdoor Sex
Title says all. I'd like to read something where a couple is having sweet, cute sex in a beautiful, wild place.

Any/Any - Missing
The Dragonborn (Or PC/Choice NPC) goes out at night and gets caught in a blizzard and gets lost. Their map doesn't help at all and the end up disorientated, even in an area they've know very well.

Male/Female - Dubcon Intoxication
Female Dragonborn (human or mer) is not used to drinking alcohol in large quantities. For whatever reason, she decides it's the right night to get absolutely smashed... She isn't, however, alone, and the company she finds herself in isn't exactly the safest. Use whatever male character you'd like, as long as it's definitely not a nice person and would totally take advantage of a drunken woman.

Male/Female - Pregnancy Drama
F!PC and M!NPC are lovers. Their relation is a secret. When M!NPC learns that his lover is pregnant, he is horrified and more than angry about this. Why? Maybe he is married. Maybe he is someone very important (like a jarl or a legate for example). But he can't allow her to give birth to his bastard. But could he really ask her to kill their future child? And will she accept?

Male/Female - Blowjob between the Breasts
Easy enough. Girl gives a guy a blowjob and uses her breasts while she does. He decides if she swallows or takes it on her face. Doesn't have to lead to smut.

Male/Female - Masturbation Help
Just a horny F!DB playing with herself in the wilderness. Then, something comes and help her to get over the edge. "It" can be a werewolf, a Stormcloack, a Thalmor, a hunter, a passing by jarl, a companion, a dragon, a wild dremora... I don't care as long as he observes her for a moment then joins her.

Male/Female - Assplay
Basically, I'd like to see a guy playing with his lady's ass and her loving it.

Male Guard/Anyone - Amulet of Mara
Anyway, in the course of events, two of Falkreath's fine Guardsmen died in action, and one was wearing an Amulet of Mara ;__; Give me angst, Anons. Tell me that Guard's story. Was his Amulet for the Dragonborn? Was it for a fellow Guard?

Female/Any/Any - Two Going Down at Once
The female dragonborn (or a PC/NPC) has two guys go down on her at the same time. Or two girls. Or a guy and a girl. Or hell, two daedra at once I'm not really picky.

Tentacles/Male - Tentacle Monster Attack
Just as the Tin says.

High Elf/Nord - Put in Place
Anyway, I'd love an altmer DB, of either gender, being forced to Skyrim and hating it. Hating the cold, hating the dragons, hating the fighting and most of all hating the PEOPLE. I want DB to be a racist fuck, who at best can stand living in skyrim but the thought to sexing it up with a nord makes him/her want to puke. And of course, I want the poor altmer to be proven wrong.

Mer/Human - Age Difference
So mer live for what, at least 400 years or so? And humans probably live to be around 80 IF that? Well, I want to see a male elf feeling like a dirty old cradle robber for sleeping with a young human female. Don't care which characters you use, although I'd prefer one of them be the Dragonborn.

Mage/Any - Handjob
The Mage!PC is master of destruction magic. Which means his/her hands are built to destroy. I'd love to see something where the Mage!PC gives a handjob/fingers his or her lover. I don't mind the race and the relationship can be het, slash or femslash. I just want to see the mage's lover dirty thougts about how delightful those hands are and how powerful he/she feels with this dangerous mage kneeling before him/her.

Dragonborn Prompts

Dragonborn/Male Follower - Night Camp
Traveling along the tundra, scaling ice mountains and fending off wolves and the like can be hard (really hard) so anything sexy happening once they settle down for the night on a peak (campfire mood lighting, fur covered warm tent, and delicious mead). Perfect.

Dragonborn/Follower - Serious Talk
The dragonborn has a meaningful conversation with one of their followers/wife/love interest/skull they carry around, etc. Can start off silly but let it morph into something serious. Politics, religion, scientific mortality, all up for it. But please, no bashing unless it really fits the character, such as a Thalmor.

Dragonborn/Love Interest - Drama
The DB has always been a runner. If anything gets too hard or too real she quietly packs up her things in the middle of the night and goes. So the DB makes a mistake/things start getting too difficult and she goes..... leaving one pissed off LI in her wake.

Dragonborn/Love Interest - First Time
I'd like to see a fic focusing on a virgin female Dragonborn (would prefer Dark elf or wood elf. A Nord or a Breton is fine too) first time with her male love interest. She's not completely oblivious to sex she just hasn't really had an opportunity to have it herself.

Dragonborn/Dominate Male - Showing Dominance
I would like to see more fills with dominate males. I need a female dragonborn because I love dominate and alpha males who dominate because its their nature. Multi fills encouraged. She is dragonborn but he lets her know who is the boss. He is confident enough in himself to not to be intimidated by her gifts.

Dragonborn/Any - Multiple Orgasms
Any male character of your choosing is absolutely in love with making girls orgasm over and over again; especially using his mouth. I just really want to read about someone unexpected being ridiculously great in bed and giving F!Dragonborn the best orgasms she's ever had, and not relenting until she's absolutely spent and a wreck.

Dragonborn/Any - Servitude
This is something I've been interested in requesting for a while. Imagine that the Dragonborn is in a position of servitude to another person. By servitude I mean something a bit like a housecarl or bodyguard, and this servitude is for life (or until otherwise terminated). How would this change the dynamics of the game, if the Dragonborn were sworn to protect someone and had to drag them along everywhere?

Dragonborn/Any - Scars
This just popped into my head and I apologize in advance. I would love to see our DBs with their followers/LI comparing scars and stories. Maybe it's the product of too much mead and maybe (please?) it turns smutty but I'm sure we can come up with some creative stories to explain some scars.

Dragonborn/Any - Amulet of Dibella
So, the Amulet of Mara indicates that the wearer is looking for marriage and a permanent relationship. What if the Amulet of Dibella indicated that the wearer was up for some casual, consensual sexing and nothing else?Maybe your character isn't aware of this and gets inexplicable winks and nods from random people in the street/thieves' guild/college/whatever. Or maybe they know about the custom, get horny and put it on. Any and all genders/races welcome.

Dragonborn/Any - New House
So I'd like to read something where a pissed-of DB decides to dwell in a donjon of any type (dwemer ruins, nordic tomb, cave, fort...). Because why would you pay an amount of gold for a house or for a land where you have everything to build up when you can live in a badass place bigger than the Blue Palace, and this for free?

Dragonborn/Altmers - Cheating
F!DB cheats, lies and steals: tell me why she can't be a loyal wife and a straight woman, how her more-than-double life is and how Fasendil/Ondolemar/the Thieves guild end to learn who the F!DB really is and if they forgive her.

Dragonborn/Various - The Slutborn
Below is the list of the slutborn's fancies: (Regarding the cities/towns - you can do each and everyone on the list in that town or just a select few from the list in that town). Give me her hitting all of them up.

Jarl/Dragonborn - Chairsex
I have a thing for chair sex, luxury, and big (really big) Nord Jarls. The logical progression from this is to have the F!DB have sex in a throne room with one of those big, burly leaders, maybe lots of touching of brocaded robes, maybe stroking heavy furs, definitely lots of kissing and sharing breath and eye-contact. Intimacy and privacy. And coming so hard she forgets her own name.

Jarl/Dragonborn - Thane of their Hold
So I'd like a change where a female Dragonborn becomes Thane of a Hold because they really wish to protect it and its people - and most importantly, be a hero for their Jarl. They do the bounties not for money but to keep the area safe, they help farmers/miners, slay vampires, whatever. Just do everything to protect the Hold.

Jarl/Dragonborn - Alone Time
Jarls need some loving, too. Maybe they've become too attached to the Dragonborn and want some 'alone' time with them, away from their stewards and court wizards. Preferably one of the single Jarls (without children) and perhaps either an Imperial or Breton Dragonborn? Though it's up to the author.

Jarl/Dragonborn - Eating Out Session
F!DB in the jarl's throne, while the jarl eats her out. Don't really care who the jarl is.

Jarl Siddgeir/Dragonborn - Dragonborn Playing Him
Siddgeir is a total a-hole, right? Well, I'd love to read the DB totally playing him. Whatever her motive, I'd love the dynamic to be that he thinks he has all the power but in fact she has her own game plan.

Jarl Siddgeir/Dragonborn - Domination
Now, Siddgeir is actually pretty hot. Granted, he's a corrupt asshole, but he always struck me as a very smart guy. Someone who manipulates to get what he wants. And what does he want? That pretty Imperial or Breton DB of course!

Jarl Siddgeir & Dragonborn - Tension
Out of all the holds, I've rarely been to Falkreath, and was recently reminded how detestable Siddgeir is. I'm not really looking for kinks or anything (certainly wouldn't discourage anyone who takes interest, though) but a DB chafing under working for a complete jackass. The idea's amusing to me, for some reason!

Jarl Siddgeir & Dragonborn - Dragonborn Jarl
Siddgeir decides that being a Jarl is getting in the way of his fun and decides to leave the position of Jarl to his most trusted thane, the dragonborn. Hilarity ensues.

Jarl Siddgeir & Dunmer - Bros
I feel like he deserve more love. So I want to ask for a fiction where the PC became the Thane of Falkreath and does things a good Thane is supposed to do: Protecting the people and doing tasks for the Jarl. The PC should be very loyal to Sidgeir to begin with and sympathize with the way his Jarl is handling things.
So in short: I am looking for some friendbonding (with maybe some smut at the end uvu).

Dragonborn/Specific Lovers Prompts

Gelebor/Dragonborn - Friendship
Maybe when DB first meets him, he makes an offhand comment on how dreary it is being bored and alone the whole time; IE: "I don't mind my task, but I do miss the sweet rolls sometimes," She'll stay for a day or so, keep him company, then dash off to the next adventure. How about a fill where he slowly comes to realize that he's smitten with her too, and begins to make excuses about why she should stay longer each time she visits. Maybe culminating in smut. If DB gets impregnated, even better...

Nelacar/Dragonborn - Ravished
I keep hoping it will come up but since it hasn't I need to request it: Nelacar being completely ravished by the Dragonborn.

Linwe/Dragonborn - Anything Goes
Linwe. Or any member. I need more of these atypical Altmer males in my life. Maybe the F!DB is just curious about them. Maybe she's the guildmaster already and wants to eliminate the competition. Whatever... they can get along, or not. They can have sexy times or not.. ANYTHING. Just gimme some Somerset Shadow action. They don't have nearly enough love.

Nazir/Dragonborn - Christening Dawnstar
The end of the Dark Brotherhood questline has finally arrived. The Dawnstar Sanctuary is refurbished, the emperor is dead, and things seem to be working out for our smaller band of assassins. Now that the Listener has some time to relax, she might as well blow off some steam with Nazir, right?

Uraccen/Dragonborn - Anything
I have a soft spot in my heart for Uraccen. You meet him down in Cidhna Mine, and he's quite nice. I don't know what else to say beyond that and the fact that I'd really like to see him get some lovin'.

Ulfric/Dragonborn - Jail
When you side with the Empire and deliver the axe to Ulfric, he says something along the lines of this: "You're a brave person to deliver this message." Why does Ulfric let the DB leave? So what I want to see is Ulfric taking the DB prisoner. How long can Ulfric keep an enraged DB prisoner, especially since his admiration for her is growing into something more?

Molag Bal/Dragonborn - Bending to Molag
We need more Molag Bal, people! He ain't the King of Rape for nothin'! DB is reluctant at first, but warms up to him. Preferably human race. MOLAG USES THAT SEXY VOICE OF HIS. AND A LOT OF IT.

Molag Bal/Dragonborn - Worship
Boethiah and her followers really piss her off. Therefore, she's very willing to help out Molag Bal. This leads to her becoming quite infatuated with Molag Bal. In fact, she starts to worship him completely and gets very turned on at the idea at being submissive to him and bending to his every whim.

Sanguine/Dragonborn - Debauchery
Seriously though, please give me some sweet Sanguine loving. Preferably M!Breton/Imperial!DB, but M!Nord or female will be a-okay. I will love you forever if you fill this. Yes YOU, Anon! Oh, and if Sanguine were in his daedra form, and would be merrily topping the hell out of a slightly confused but very drunk and lovin' it DB I will probably give you my firstborn... nest of dragonlings.

Dragonborn/Psijic Order - Reward
I was playing through the College of Winterhold today and when you speak to Quaranir and he mentions he's taking a risk to talk to you but he believes in you etc. And I couldn't help but wonder what other risks they would do for the DB.

Dragonborn - Dwemer Ruins
Dwemer Sex Machine. So basically, F!DB! is investigating a Dwemer ruin. She's accompanied by some male followers, when she finds a device she's not familiar with. Curious DB steps into machine, thereby activating it. The boys try to free her by pressing buttons on the console...until they realise what the machine is. Then they decided to put on a little show for themselves.

Dragonborn - Dwemer Machine
For all the automatons in the Dwemer ruins, there has to be at least one, if not a few, that were made or repurposed as Dwemer equivalents of FISTO (if you don't understand that reference, I mean to say they are sexbots). And I'm sure it's only a matter of time before some curious adventurer finds one of them, gets a little Dwarven oil in its joints so it can move again, and - realizing its purpose - decides to give it a go...

General Prompts

Less than Stellar Dragonborn
I would LOVE to read something about a Dragonborn who isn't super-duper-famazeballs at absolutely everything. Perhaps a warrior who, although capable of rivalling Hercules, is ridiculously incompetent when it comes to all things magical.

The Pale Lady
It's simple. I'd like to read the story of this mysterious Wispmother and her sword, Pale Blade. Who was she? Why was she burried here? What about her sword? How did she became a wispmother? ect ect.

Black Sacrament performed on Maven
Whoever it is, the Night Mother tells the Listener to go see the one who performed the Sacrament who tells her the contract is Maven. And now the Listener has a huge dilemma.

Terrified Dragonborn
Maybe they never had Aura Whisper or they got seperated from their follower, but give me a terrified DB instead of a confident one in the depths of a Falmer Hive or somewhere terrifying.

Dwemer Museum
If you move your kids to Vlindrel Hall, they'll mention that Aicantar showed them the museum and how nice it was. So I want to see him giving a tour of the museum to some kids (either the DB's or some other random kids) and being a huge dork explaining what eveything is.

Food Loving Dragonborn
Give me a foodie Dragonborn. She has Uncommon Taste (and if she's the Listener, her signed copy is her pride despite killing him) and she's cooked all the recipes and is picky on what she eats. Only the best meat is kept and she spends a lot of time looking for ingredients (even during battle)

Fighting for her Life
Doesn't matter what happend as long as the F!DB (preferably human) ends up severly injured (maybe in a dragon fight, in a battle for the war, a bandit attack gone wrong, that dangerous centurion got the best of her or maybe Mercer's attack but without Karliah there to save her, your pick).

Opposite Character
What I want is a character know for one thing doing another. A member of the Dark Brotherhood being gentle and kind for some one. Or a pillar of society corrupting an innocent.

Wedding Day
I recently got married in Skyrim, and it was sorta cute. I was hoping someone could do a fill of their own wedding or just a made up one. It can be the DB or just two npcs. I'd like to maybe see it not being at the temple of Mara?? Maybe have it in the hold you live in or just in the woods.

Dragonborn Needs to be Saved
The Dragonborn is the hero that's supposed to save the world. Yet sometimes the Dragonborn needs help, even if they think they can't be saved. Perhaps they're going through a dangerous cave, or maybe they're injured, or, just hypothetically speaking, they've sold their soul to Hermaeus Mora and don't think they can be saved all because the Dragonborn is stubborn. (hintAllahint)

Super Dragonborn is an Altmer
They drink mead like it's water. They stomp around in heavy armour and massive two handed axe, just like the ancestors of old. They can (and do) headbutt bears into submission. They are the perfect Nord. They also happen to be altmer.

Dragonborn Temple Run
So, what if the DB went adventuring in one of the many draugr-infested tombs around Skyrim, alone. The DB encounters a "horde" of draugr and it's too much for her to handle, and they run away. A Skyrim Temple Run, if you will.

Dragonborn Noncon Aftermath
After escaping from Helgen, the Dragonborn isn't prepared for the dangers in Skyrim. Those dangers then physically and mentally scar the Dragonborn, and recovery is very difficult. Focus on the recovery phase would be greatly appreciated, but is not mandatory.

Ulfric & Tullius Bodyswitch
Somehow, Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius switch bodies with each other/ wake up in each other's places (like that movie Freaky Friday) Through this trial, they realize that they aren't all that different and decide to put aside their differences for the people of Skyrim... Nah, just kidding. They decide to sabotage their respective sides and ruin each other's reputation.

Jarls Meeting
Okay, I love all the Jarls in Skyrim. Like they are just hilarious and adorable (and hot). And what I'd love to see is them all interacting like at a summit. Obviously the Imperial Jarls would be altogether so like an Imperial summit and vise versa the Stormcloaks. And yeah. Just give me shenannigans.

Dragonborn & Horse FAIL Humiliation
I'm not a huge horse person, I mean, I barely know anything about them, but horses (especially new ones) are kind of hard to control right? Can I get a Dragonborn who is trying to tame/break in a new horse? Preferably this Dragonborn is trying to break in this horse in front of people whom the Dragonborn would like to look noble in front of (Legion/Stormcloak soldiers, guards, followers, Jarls), but the Dragonborn is failing terribly.

Days of Celebration in Holds
In my daily Skyrim musings there's one thing I do ponder and that's 'What do the Holds celebrate?' Christmas is coming close here which means a lot if partying and food and people and I'm honestly curious if each of the Holds has days of merriment (Or Skyrim in general) and what would it be?

So! DB has a similar experience wherein they have a bad nightmare about something she wasn't aware scared her and now they're pretty freaked out by that thing. It can be anything: Falmer, dragons, Dwemer ruins, the war, Cicero, LARGE ASS SPIDERS - anything! How do they cope? Do they try to face their fears or d they leave it to a follower to handle? I like angst but this can be a silly fill too. Multifills encouraged!

Horror Fills
Requesting horror!fills here, with/without kinks. It could be anything, vampire, the creepy marshes of morthal, draugr tombs, deals with the daedra, or perhaps something more psychological than supernatural. Something that will chill my blood :')

More Horror Fills
So what I am asking for is for the unexplainable. The intangible, the nightmarish, the things that are a terrifying mystery. Creepypasta stories like Croatoan or Tailypo come to mind. Or a variation of. Just as long as its not settled by 'Oh them Falmer' or 'You meddling dovahkids'

Lod getting Happiness
Come on, Kinkmeme, let's get Lod laid. He needs serious love because his beloved Dengeir is a paranoid snob, he can't get a dog to keep him company, and that voice of his. I intend this to be very open ended to entice a write!Anon to help poor old Lod out.