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08 February 2014 @ 08:43 am
Links and Beyond  
I threw on Beyond: Two Souls just to try and do something that isn't Skyrim. Then the game is like "Go into a dark basement with monsters" like nope. nope. bailing. run away. I already hate basements no need to make me terrified anymore. It took me 400 hours in Skyrim until I went into a Dwemer Ruin and I basically hyperventilated the entire time. Like nope.

In other news, some links I need to save. For reasons.

Creation, The Aldmer, and the Old Ways

The Highborns

The Blessed Isles

History of the High Elves

Piecing Together the Thalmor

Thinking about it, I've still never played as a Stormcloak. I'm Imperial all the way for Siddgeir and Idgrod and Ondolemar (whyyyy would you kill him ahhnnn) but maybe one day I will play as it to see what happens. Though I don't get why people get so uppity over who you support. Like who cares. If you think supporting a faction in a video game mirrors what you support in real life then buddy, do I have to sit you down and have a word.