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04 October 2013 @ 01:35 pm
Skyrim Kink Meme: Thalmor Prompts  
skyrimkinkmeme prompts for the Thalmor Agents. Hopefully I'll take a chunk of these down since... yeah, them Thalmor.

Thalmor Prompts

Gen Thalmor - Undercover Dragonborn
The Dragonborn has many titles. He is the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood. The Archmage of Winterhold. He is a fearsome werewolf of the Companions. He leads the Thieves Guild. He is recognized and celebrated as a Thane in all nine holds, for his bravery and how he has harnessed the power of the Voice. He is also not only Altmer, but a deeply undercover Thalmor from the Dominion, who had the gift of Dragonborn by chance. Oh crap indeed.

Gen Thalmor - Deserter
I want a story about a Thalmor who deserts the Aldmeri Dominion for any reason you like, and how the people of Skyrim react to them.

Gen Thalmor - Kidnapping the Dragonborn
Suppose, for just a moment, that the Dragonborn hasn't expressly taken sides during the Civil War... but at the same time, really enjoys pissing off the Thalmor. This inevitably comes back to bite the Dragonborn in the ass, in the form of being captured by the Aldmeri Dominion. It doesn't take long for both the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks to get wind of this. They are pissed.

Thalmor/Any - Altmer Sizes
Someone, it could be anyone, decides to write a detailed book on the 'sizes' of the various Altmer men in Skyrim. Like the Gentlemen's Guide to Whiterun only... better. Each entry needs explicit detail so a lot of research will be needed.

Thalmor/Thane - Seducing Jarl's Pet
One of the Thalmor decides to have a little fun one day by trying to seduce the Thane (Or Dragonborn) away from her favorite Jarl knowing full well the consequences it could cause.

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Teammates
How about a fill about a Thalmor agent getting an assignment to shadow the F!Db when her identity is found out. I'd like the DB to catch him in the act of tailing her and they end up having to travel/work together. I'd like a slow relationship built up over time. Smut, angst, action, adventure... whatever works. Just give me a Thalmor reluctantly coming to terms with his "improper" feelings towards the DB.

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Scheming
Many a fic has been written about those sexy Thalmor bastards and I love them all, but I want something a little...different. Most of these fics feature a Dragonborn who is fun-loving, playful, and generally sweet--and I adore her--but I would like to see a story about a more sinister Dragonborn. I'd like to see a Mer Dragonborn who can play the Thalmor's games of intrigue and power and magic and betrayal as well as they can--not so much fun-loving and playful as sadistic, and cruel instead of sweet.

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Clothing Kink
I have a huge Thalmor kink - for those bastard mer and their damn robes and what I would like is either a Thalmor Agent fucking the Dragonborn with his robes still on or the Dragonborn wearing a set of them while she gets taken by one of the Thalmor (Or maybe a regular Altmer. I'm looking at you Fasendil)

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Forbidden Love
I'd like an inner narrative from the male Thalmor's point of view -- perhaps in the way of journal entries-- during their escapades, including his sorrow at no longer being part of the Dominion/dealing with his blossoming feelings towards what he feels is an inferior being.

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Frottage
One of the lovely Agents (Ancano, Ancarion, Elenwen, Estormo, Lorcalin, Ondolemar, Sanyon, etc.) is alone with the Dragonborn and decides to have a bit of fun with her through her clothes. Only she doesn't think it's fair to be the only one being pleasured so she accommodates her partner.

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Private Party at the Embassy
So one night she gets called to attend a party at the embassy. Only this is a party filled with members of the Thalmor only and they're very hard to please. Cue the dragonborn attending as a means to amuse them which she reluctantly agrees to for Elenwen. Over the course of this, comments are made and it becmes apparent some of the Agents would like her to amuse them in ways she didn't expect. So the dragonborn finds herself servicing the Agents, female and male alike in one messy thalmor orgy.

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Rape at a Shrine
F!PC is caught praying at one of the forgotten Talos shrine by a Thalmor agent. But she's too cute to be killed, that sweet thing. So why not making her lose her faith in her false god instead of killing her? And by losing faith, I mean bend her over Talos's altar and rape her under her false god's eyes and make her scream Auriel-el's name.

Thalmor/Imperial Dragonborn - Allegory
Show me the political struggle between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire in a concrete, sexual allegory. As in a Thalmor dominating an Imperial soldier/loyalist and trying to force her to submit to him. After an intense struggle, she finally is able to fend him off, for a time at least.

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Northwatch Interrogation
F!DB is a Nord and very pro Stormcloak. During the quest 'Missing in Action' where she agrees to help Avulstein Grey-Mane rescue his brother Thorald from Northwatch Keep, Skyrim's prison and torture hub for Talos Worshippers she gets caught by Thalmor soldiers before she even has a chance to properly scout out the area for her stealth rescue. The Northwatch Interrogator enjoys sexually torturing and abusing female prisoners and the DB is no exception.

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Northwatch Keep Orgy
I crave the dragonborn breaking into Northwatch Keep now not to save Avulstein but to get 'captured' and 'tortured' by the guards. Especially the Thalmor Wizards and their electrical attacks.

Thalmor/Breton Dragonborn - Height Difference
So I find height differences incredibly sexy for some reason, and I figured, hell, why not go to the extreme and put one of the tallest races with one of the shortest? A F!Breton Dragonborn would be choice, but honestly, it would be neat to see this with a male Breton and female Altmer, 'cause that isn't done so often. Or female/female, male/male, whatever, just, you know, height differences.

Thalmor/Dragonborn - Sex at Thalmor Headquarters
After 800 Hours in Skyrim I just *JUST* came across the abandoned Thalmor Headquarters in Solitude. And there's a very nice double bed upstairs. I don't even need an explanation. Give me the dragonborn, male or female, being taken on that bed by a Thalmor Agent. Ondolemar, Ancarion, Ancano, Estormo, Elenwen, whoever.

Dragonborn/Thalmor or Altmer - Domination
Non-Altmer!F (NPC or DB, whatever race takes your fancy) dominating an Altmer (Ondolemar would be fun, poor guy). Would love orgasm denial and a bit of humiliation (big bad Thalmor at the mercy of a 'lesser race'). Basically not letting him get off until he's a complete mess and begging her.

Dragonborn/Thalmor - Femdom
So the DB is Imperial-aligned, and a Thalmor officer thinks that means he can act as haughty as he wants since she can't do anything about it. Nope. She gets fed up, decides to prove Thalmor aren't superior, dubcon ensues.

Dragonborn/Thalmor - Humiliation
PC/NPC may have saved or is pleaded by a desperate Thalmor agent to help them - be it hiding from Stormcloaks, Thalmor Hunters, finding artifacts etc. PC/NPC does so only for an unknown price she offers for the Thalmor to do. What they agreed to is being dominated & to be a sex slave to a very pro-against Third Aldmeri Dominion individual, who takes absolute pleasure in humiliating and tormenting the ex-Thalmor operative.

Dragonborn/Thalmor - Housing a Thalmor
I guess what I'm looking for is desperate times for a Thalmor agent, like Ondolemar or Ancarion, etc. Maybe they have to hide in an old tomb now to try to even conduct business or try and live in disguise. Either way, they're being hunted and are constantly on the run when the dragonborn comes across them and proposes a deal to house them secretly IF they bend to them. And they don't have much choice of refusal in the matter.

Dragonborn/Thalmor - Thalmor Hunting
What I would like to see is some Thalmor Hunting - with a twist. We all know they're arrogant pricks but it is really sexy in a way. So give me the Dragonborn hunting Thalmor but with the intention of bedding them. She can kill them after if you like in a Black Widow type of way but mostly the goal is to prey on them for her pleasure. All of them are open season.

Thalmor/Dragonborn & Legate Fasendil - Courting
The dragonborn is a female Altmer who enjoys going to Elenwen's parties. As she always come alone, every Thalmor agents thinks she is single, which means that this superior bred Mer looks quite OPEN TO COURTSHIP. But then, she comes with this "goddamn Imperial arse licker legate traitor to his blood" Fasendil. I'd love you to tell me the Thalmor agents' attempts to court the DB and how they react when they see her with Fasendil

Thalmor/Dragonborn/Fasendil - Friends Meeting
The F!DB loves the Thalmor and the Thalmor is friendly toward her even though she joined the Legion (after all she brought Ulfric's godammn head to them!) While travelling with her fellow Legate from the Legion, she pays a visit to "a very good friend, you'll see!" of her and introduces him to her new friend: Fasendil meets a Thalmor agent!

Stormcloak Dragonborn/Thalmor - Waking up in Bed
F!Stormcloak!Dragonborn wakes up in bed with a Thalmor. She panics. He 'calms her down' with the only thing he knows - more sex.

Stormcloaks/Thalmor Agent - Non-con
Say, a Thalmor patrol is attacked by Stormcloaks or bandits (or whomever) and one survives and well, non-con ensues, maybe for revenge because or because they just really, really hates the Thalmor. Or it could happen to Ondolemar if the Stormcloaks take control of Markarth, before he's killed of course.

Specific Thalmor Prompts

Ondolemar/Dragonborn - Attraction
After doing his favor, the Justiciar commander is starting to like the Dragonborn a little more than he should, much to his chagrin...

Ondolemar/Dragonborn - Jealousy
After the DB did a job for him, Ondolemar found himself intrigued. But then he discovers she has a male follower and his intrigue turns to vicious jealously. My favourite kinks: Jealously, inter-racial (a human DB would be heaven), rough sex, Ondolemar.

Ondolemar/Dragonborn - Dubcon for Key
Whilse visiting Markarth, the PC's follower(s) are arrested and sent to Cidna Mine! After persuading, intimidating or bribing the guards the PC is told how to get their followers back - the key being the Thalmor Commander, Ondolemar. So PC agrees to run errands around the city for Ondolemar, being the first part to keeping PC's follower safe from the other prisoners. The second part for the release if their follower(s), requires the PC to come to the Thalmor Commander at night... In his quarters... With his guards... Wearing one of those skimpy fur pelt armours.

Dragonborn/Ondolemar - Fucktoy
Thongvar, realising which way the wind is blowing, offers the Dragonborn Vlindrel Hall and a Thane-ship in the hope that it'll spare his miserable life. The Dragonborn is still coming towards him with that really creepy Daedric mace of his, so Thongvar sweetens the pot, he gives the Dragonborn his pet Thalmor, Ondolemar.

Ancano/Dragonborn - Hatesex
I want hatred and I want rivalry between him and the Dragonborn; Spiteful looks and heavy cynism; I want this guy to be torn between denial and mind-blowing pleasure. Tease him in all ways imaginable or get straight to the point - it's up to you. Just make him suffer, please? Anon prefers a human or mer PC, but if you prefer a different race - I won't stop you~!

Ancano/Dragonborn - Hatesex
I've always been oddly attracted to Ancano and his nasty little barbed remarks to the Dragonborn. I always like to believe it is because he secretly desires her. So, for this prompt, I would love to see a female Dragonborn and Ancano have that sort of OMG... I hate you so much... I want you so badly... sort of sex up against the wall, on a desk... where ever your imagination takes them.

Ancano/Dragonborn - Cat and Mouse
F!DB has been sent to Skyrim by the leader of the Thalmor Resistance to lay low after a rather public display of anti-Thalmor...ism. The point is, the Thalmor are out for our little F!PC's blood and she has to go into hiding... Only... Ancano recognises her, or at least a description of her: And so begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse! A full-of-kinks one.

Ancano/Dragonborn - Fascination
I would love it if someone wrote me a fic centered around Ancano and his fascination with the DB. So the DB arrives at the college, and manages to capture our dear Ancano's interest. First he's frustrated and angry because he shouldn't find her attractive (he's a Thalmor for a reason, you know) but soon he gets over himself and they totally get it on.

Ancano/Female Nord - Challenge
Ancano is terribly suspicious of everyone's motives. Give him something sexy to be suspicious of. Make him work for it & then let a beefy Nord lady show him who runs the show. Ancano's a bit of a perfectionist too, I'd wager. Let the Dragonborn challenge his pride & let him show off. Multiple orgasms, oral, & Ancano's sharp wit requested.

Ancano/Student - Sex with Apprentice
Remember that highly suspicious and snarky Thalmor "Advisor" who had everyone on edge at the College of Winterhold? Yeah, lets have some smut with him and one of the young apprentice mages. Any of them! Onmund, J'zargo, Brelyna Maryon or even DB of your choice! And please, don't be afraid to get a little dark or dirty us. This is a kink meme after all!

Elenwen/Ulfric - Breaking Young Ulfric
I want the sexy alternate universe version of Ulfric the strapping younger soldier being interrogated until he breaks. Elves and their magic: she's got an enchanted ring (and I don't mean the kind you wear on your hand) that absolutely will not allow the poor man to come until she says he can, no matter what's done to him. And she's not going to say he can until he breaks.

Elenwen/Ulfric Season Unending
At the peace summit thing, Ulfric is not happy about Elenwen. If you read his Thalmor Dossier, it says that she interrogated him during the great war. I would give free internets to anyone who writes an angst-type thing where the Dragonborn realizes exactly why Ulfric is so pissed off and tries to talk to him...

Elenwen/Ulfric Pegging
Dominatrix! Elenwen/Ulfric. It's canon that she tortures him and breaks him in jail when he was somewhat younger (although I do want him finely aged in this). I'd like to see Elenwen do some freaky things to a tied up/strapped down Ulfric. Go hogwild, but one thing I NEED is for Elenwen to violently peg him. Pegging is a must!!

Elenwen/Ulfric Reprompt
We all know that Elenwen was an interrogator before becoming First Emissary, and you don’t rise through the ranks of the Thalmor by being incompetent. I get the impression that she was really, REALLY good at her job. Poor Ulfric. I want to know what it took to break him during the Great War. He loses his cool completely when he spots her during Season Unending – show me why.