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03 April 2014 @ 03:21 pm
Season Unending  
Ugh, shit. I'm really torn. Everytime I go talk to Balgruuf about trapping fucking Odahviing in Dragonsreach, he whines about Whiterun. Now, I did the quest to have Whiterun for the Imperials, hoping that would be enough but apparently, until the Imperials own like, fucking 8 of the Holds, he wants a peace treaty.

Which is fine, Season Unending is one of my favourite quests... if it didn't involve Ondolemar dying.

I'm at 5 of the Holds under the Imperials and I just want Alduin out of the fucking way but ugh ugh ugh I don't want to do the entire Civil War Quest right now. But can I live with myself if I let Ondolemar die? Because the first time that happened I was devastated. Ugh, this stupid fucking game. Frigging Balgruuf. Fucking Ulfric. MOTHERFUCKING GAME.

I guess the upside is seeing Elenwen again. Seeing my Queen may make up for it. *still complains*