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31 July 2014 @ 03:24 pm
Do You Even Drive  
Wow, today I woke up to Joel streaming today. I caught some beautiful music but he left at 6:40am to go get coffee and never came back. Which was fine, I talked to some people about cars and such. His mom came on to shed some wisdom about how her kids never phone and then I spent my day on chat and watching One Piece.

Today I have to go get Lynn so I'll be off for hopefully not long. She is pretty good about letting me go online but I know she'll want me to pay attention to her. Tomorrow is a Signed Vinyl giveaway so I hope she'll at LEAST let me do that.

Other than that, I found all my unfinished fics and uploaded them to my comm. So far, as of today, I have written 61 fics for Skyrim. Not bad. I want to write more but we'll see what August brings. For now, I'm going to play nyancat until I get the text to go then fetch some gas and Lynn.