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18 August 2014 @ 07:08 pm
Space Invaders  
You know that feeling when you see someone really cool and you keep saying to yourself "Wow, they're really cool and they share a lot of my interests. I know if I talked to them we could become friends!" and then you sit there because despite agreeing with a lot of their thoughts and opinions, THEY'RE TOO COOL TO APPROACH.

Like, I really want to talk to this girl. She's really cool but uggggh i am trash. I did attempt before and it sort of ended badly so now I'm sitting here just sort of vibrating because uggggggh. I wish I didn't fuck it up last time and could get the nerve to try again but I can't because UNWORTHY.

Other than me and my social issues, I might replay Journey tonight. Last night I spent it watching Dead Space and Five Nights at Freddy's because I am stupid to watch horror shit that late but tonight I feel like something mellow. I hit over 1040 hours in Skyrim on the PC bringing my combined total up to 1840 hours but I surprisingly don't feel like playing it. I do and I don't. It's weird.