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22 August 2014 @ 07:37 am
Down the Rabbit Hole  
If you know me, you know I love wank. Not necessarily any wank, however. Bias wank isn't my thing nor is outright bullying of some people to leave things like what happens on tumblr all the time if you misspeak. No, the wank I love is the wank groups like Anonymous doles out. Where they find someone so far up their ass that when they mock them it spirals into an insane long drivel that only reveals more and more flouncing and white knights.

There have been several notable examples of this which are dear to my heart. Back in 2008 or so, I read all of Snapesnogger's Encyclopedia Dramatica page and it was an eye-opener. That was my introduction to DeviantArt wank. There was a guy who treated a customer badly over a controller which ruined his life. That will always be in my mind. And several other noticeable things like DashCon 2014, misc Hetalia wanks, and the entire E.L.James showdown.

Now, I found something else to add. The entire Cassandra Clare mess. To be fair, I have never been into Harry Potter. I watched it all with my friend, shrugged over it, and moved on. I never read the fics but I did pick up City of Bones one day on a recommendation and attempted to read it. Attempted being the main word here, the book was awful. When I looked it up further I found the trope 'Draco in Leather Pants' but it never went from there and I sort of dropped it.

But, because the Internet is a generous, glorious machine, I found the links to the entire thing and I got to say. It's wonderful.

CC Plagiarism This is what I've been reading since 9:30pm last night. I went through it all, found I really want to pick up Pamela Dean's books, and was just shocked by it. I write fanfiction and I NEVER include an outside source unless it's a 'songfic'. Which I still feel bad about. This really blew my mind.

Then I found bad_penny, Fandom_wank, and the MsScribe Story.

Granted, I heard of these places before but never much went into them. Now I am in too deep. Blame it on boredom, blame it on curiousity, but this is what is feeding me today. Oh, that and more DashCon wank since I love it. Found Here.

It's going to be an interesting day.
Which also happens to be my brother's birthday.