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24 June 2014 @ 09:21 am
Pokemon Collection [Crosspost]  
Hi there! I just recently joined pkmncollectors and thought I would introduce myself and give you my collection (currently at this house). So, thanks for letting me join and more beneath the cut!

My name is Amanda, I'm twenty-five and I've been collecting Pokemon merchandise for about four years. I started after my best friend introduced me to Pokemon. I had no idea there was a video game for it. I'm not even kidding (it's ridiculous when I think about it but I only knew Super Mario from Nintendo and nothing else). I picked up Black and White, went insane with it and eventually grabbed every game, playing them way too many times over and collecting soon after.

My collection is mostly made up of Pokemon from various teams that I've had. I have attempted a Sylveon and Espurr collection but it hasn't really grown from being just basic items anyone can get. I bought a lot of items off the Y!Auctions, Sunyshore, and eBay. My friend is a real stickler over bootlegs so when she pitched in to help me, I can safely say I was more careful on more sites.

But anyways, my favourite Pokemon (non-legendary) are Garchomp & Espurr, my favourite legendaries are Dialga and Giratina. Pokemon Platinum is my favourite Pokemon Game ever, followed by Pokemon Sapphire and the biggest thing I want on my wishlist for Pokemon merchandise is the large Palkia plush to go with my Dialga. (If there is a Giratina one too, I will explode).

Onto the pics!


We'll start with my Espurr collection. Everything I have for it I obtained from Sunyshore. There's about 4 images in all, one large and then some close-ups. Also, to clarify, I bought 3 TOMY Espurr's so.. you may see them pop up around in other pics since I don't keep them together.

Short shot here of Baron Berobelt, complete with crown.

Next is my bags. These were all purchased from Sunyshore last summer before X & Y came out. I use the tote bag as my actual purse and I really wish I picked up another just to have on hand! 4 images again, 1 large + 3 closeups.

Some shots of various plushes/figures/merchandise from around my room!

Now we come to... The Box. The Box is where I keep all my pokedolls because I have no room for them anywhere else. I added my large plushes to the pile as well to have them in one shot. The Box gets bigger every year, trust me, and I might soon just move to a Bin, haha. 5 images, 2 large + 3 closeups.

Now, the Shelf! It's a small shelf between my bookcase that can't fit anything so I put some of my most beloved Pokedolls there. It also holds some of my more dubious plushes that I love but am skeptical on the make. 5 images, 2 large + 3 closeups!

And here we come to...! Well, actually, I didn't know. I had the Eeveelutions figure set and then I remembered this box I bought last summer. So, I figured, might as well open it and see what's inside!

Eeveelutions figures! I forgot I even bought these!

I paired them with my other figure set so they now have a nice home on my shelf.

And that's about it (for now)! Once I bring back my other merchandise, I'll put that up! It will mostly contain Sylveon + Eeveelutions, keychains, cell phone charms, and a LOT of figures from my shelf. I still have my Subway Masters out there, gah!

Anyways, thanks for looking!