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29 June 2014 @ 06:56 am
Pokemon Collection Two [Crosspost]  
Hi guys! I'm back with the other half of my collection! It took a lot bringing this bundle home since I have... way... too much. But nevertheless, it's here and I took more photos! Eeveelutions, a small Sylveon collection, flats, keychains and more under the cut!

We'll start with photos of part of my Sylveon collection. This is mostly small stuff plus the towel I happily bought. I know there's more items out there but I was content on getting all this! Maybe in the future I'll update with a proper post of ALL my Sylveon stuff together! Anyways, 2 large images...

Next is some more eeveelutions plushes and merchandise (+ White Kyurem and Ampharos)! The only large I Heart Eevee line I'm missing is Jolteon and Glaceon and they are on my wishlist.

And now... the small stuff! Tins, pokeballs, keychains, cell phone charms, stationary sets, etc! I got a ton of stuff through the Yahoo Auctions and Sunyshore. 1 large image + 6 closeups.

The next are tins and badges I've got plus some loose keychain figures. It's not all my TCG cards, most are in a binder but a lot of the duplicates are in them. 1 large image + 4 closeups.

Next are my figures. I don't have that many but I'm hoping to get more, especially of my team members. 6 large images.

Now we come to the large figures I have + Kudari & Nobori and some flats. Most of the figures I got at Toys R Us this one magical summer when I found out they had White and Black things... 3 large images.

And now, the last few. I won this lot on the Y!Auctions and I honestly had no idea what I bought until it came. There's a ton of figures that I snagged, some in very bad condition and other pristine. Some even have names written on the bottom which I find really cute. 2 large images + 6 closeups.

And that's about it! Well, for now... Thanks for looking!