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13 September 2014 @ 02:10 pm
New Cover  
After 9 months of having my iPhone 5 backcover be of the Falkreath flag, I am changing it out... for Deadmau5. It's not like I don't like Falkreath anymore, I sure the fuck still get giddy and stupid over the THOUGHT of seeing Jarl Siddgeir and my lovelies of the Hold. But I want a change and a glow-in-the-dark deadmau5 head seems to be it. Plus, it will give my case a chance to rest. Well, until my Espurr case come in herpderp.

Other than that, I went and helped my Aunt today feeding the horses. My cousin was working and it's muddy as anything out so I basically talked to my Aunt for a while then came back home. We were supposed to go riding today but I think my cousin forgot. I'm not totally bummed about it. This means today I can spend on Skyrim and then maybe write something for myself. School has actually been pretty draining of my creativity so I would like to write SOMETHING at least.

Other than that... bought more Pokemon merchandise, ahaha. I really can't wait for my custom Garchomp plush to be made. I'm so happy I asked for it! Now I just have to figure out which of my six male Garchomps to name it. Comet, Nebula, Black Hole, Cosmos, Stellar, or Gravity? Comet really came through for me in Pokemon X (He literally took a full on Moonblast from Diantha and held on with one HP to take down her Mega Gardevoir and win the title for me. I cried. No lie.), but Cosmos was my first Garchomp who freaking blew up Cynthia's Team. Nebula is his son from breeding with Persephone (My female Garchomps are named after Goddesses haha) and I like him since he was great in the post game, but man, his father...

And Black Hole, my deceased Garchomp Artemis' son... Damn Nuzlockes. Ahhhh... I have too many feelings with my male Garchomps! They've all made me so proud! I guess I can name it later once I actually have him, but the debate in my head will rage on!