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05 January 2013 @ 10:48 am
About Me  
Name: Amanda
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location: Canada

I started out on Livejournal blogging, as most did. Then I got into communities, icon making, graphics, all that jazz way back in the day. This was before I graduated high school so I'm pretty old on here even though my account is new. Like everyone, I strayed from it until about 2009.

In 2009 I got into Hetalia. Yeah. I know. Even worse, I got into the one incest pairing. Yeah. I know. I was on here for a long time, almost 3 years doing stupid crap between communities, writing, experiencing shipping wars, arguing, doujinshi, wank. It was a pretty bad time but during it I did learn some things. My writing improved a bit, I got into history and I found out about other anime and video games.

I have always been into games but it really started up again after I got out of Hetalia because I liked those fandoms. So less... crazy. I left livejournal, went to tumblr reblogging Pokemon and the like until 2013. I played Persona 4: Golden on my Vita and fell in love with it. More specifically, Souji and Dojima's relationship where I, once again, got into an incest pairing. Yeah. I know.

I mostly posted on AO3 but after doing so for a while, I was dissatisfied with it. I tried doing stuff for the meme but the trolls on the Persona 4 kink was annoying. Plus, the requests were really not my flavor. So I stayed on tumblr, eventually getting tired of it and its constant hatred for fun or anyone who doesn't worship certain pairings. So I came back to Livejournal, set up, and waited.

In November of 2013, I was laid off and decided to play Skyrim as a means to take my mind off of it. I got hooked, playing well over 1000 hours on my PS3 between various OCs and I checked AO3 for fics.

They were terrible. I'm not even going to sugarcoat it, I hate a lot of the stuff on there. Especially with Farkas. I like drama but coming so far and spending extensive times reading fics, I am very adamant on what I like and rape as a plot device isn't one.

Then I found the Skyrim Kink Meme and thank god, my prayers were answered. Great prompts, nice people, and I could write my stupid shit and no one would care or cause wank. So I'm now back on Livejournal, making myself at home again getting back into graphics, icons, and still writing. I am hoping I stay on here longer - I bought a subscription to motivate myself and am currently still having fun on here. It's a nice environment now that a lot of people and wank have moved and I like posting fics on here.