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28 September 2014 @ 04:12 am
Pokemon List  
It's 4am, I should be asleep but nope, I'm up. I don't know WHY. TRUST ME. Anyways, decided while I was up I should make a note about everything I got!

miniterasu - I recieved her Jakks Pacific Reshiram a few weeks ago. Beautiful figure. (September 10-12)

poke_zula - I got the Chandelure Plush, Giratina Pre-order, Garchomp and Mega-Garchomp Kid Figures from her a week ago. (September 12-15)

mellow_candy - I got my stamps from her the same week I got my Chandelure plush! So September 15th)

polahbear - I got the Glaceon I Love Eevee, Espeon Pokedoll, Raichu Plush, Large Pikachu plus (x-mas present), two Meowstic dice, and a ton of stickers from her yesterday (September 27th)


Waiting for:

kephisos - Arceus Charm

bluehyaku - Kid Figures and Shiny Magikarp

serenitysamaa - Espurr and Sylveon Pouches

nightmare_chan2 - Pokemon Charms


I think I want more custom stuff done than actual official merchandise these days...