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30 September 2014 @ 07:11 pm
It's that time of the Year Again  
It's happening again... that time of the year. That unavoidable feeling... that feeling that I must...


Yes, once again I am STUCK on Nuzlocking, like an idiot. This time for my Pokemon X Cartridge game. Considering I have grown as a writer, I am wondering if I can do it this time. I usually finish Nuzlocke's but never properly document them. I tried once with Pokemon Sapphire and my trainer Neptune with her Mudkip Togg but eventually the 'LOL DISREGARD I SUCK COCKS' mentality came upon me and I stopped. Happened with Pokemon Platinum too - and I drew out diagrams for that. But alas, that is also gone with the wind.

Anyways, but as always and as I do every single year, I'm starting again. Mostly because school is, well, school. The kids in my Math class are psycho bitter right now and I honestly find Pokemon a great escape from how frightening people can be. Like I'm not kidding. We had a quiz today in Math and once we finished, so many people were hissing how they failed. Many left! They just handed in their test and walked out! We had 20 minutes of class left!

The overall atmosphere is pretty dark in the class, my teacher contributing to it as well and since I do not gripe and moan, the two boys I talked with sort of ignore me now. It doesn't really bother me, I have Pokemon and soon ORAS. I'm doing good in Chemistry and I've written more Skyrim Fics For My Eyes Only so I'm content. I do wish the rest of my class was too, though.

Anyways, not much else. My cat is sucking up to me, I got a few more packages today (nightmare_chan2's charms came today) so this weekend I may do an updated GETS post. We'll see since I am notoriously lazy.

Even now. I need a shower! But nope! Internet!