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04 October 2014 @ 11:08 am
Hyrule Warriors  
Hyrule Warriors came in. So did Persona 4 Arena 2 or whatever the fuck it is. So, what do I do?

Start up Skyrim and play Pokemon Battle Trozei. Because, you know. Why play something NEW.

In other news, my comments are being marked as spam on the kink meme so adios meme. It was fun for the 11 months I was on there. I might as well crawl back into my hole and write my own dumb, awful shit where no one but me sees it therefore I cannot brag or get jealous at anyone. *coughs*

Also, I might start working at the farm on Saturday morning AND Sunday. I didn't see my horse today but my cousin's horse Ebony was out. She's a sweetheart. I helped load her into a trailer! And my Aunt's knee seems to be bothering her more so I might as well try and help out more. I could stand to lose more pounds anyways. I am a whale.

Hm, that's about it.

*rolls around like a beached whale*