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14 October 2014 @ 08:25 am
Holy fuck, I am still tired. Like tired. Gah.

So, we'll start with Saturday. Or try, since my memory is a bit fuzzy. I went to do chores at the farm like I always do. Saw my cousin for maybe an hour since she had work but we confirmed that the next day we would go riding. Anyways, fed the horses then I bowed out and went home. I did take the day to myself technically but I fell asleep at 1:30 and woke up at 4:40 so I wasted a lot of my day. I was tired, dammit.

Don't really remember much else of Saturday. I think I played some Skyrim but that was it. You know, since that is still my game of choice to play.

But on Sunday I went over to help with the chores before Shannon came and we were playing switcharoo with all the ponies in the stalls when my cousin came and she flipped out at her mo. Then her dad. And I was like "whatever". Not my business. We fed the studs, went and rounded up two horses to take with us (went back for a second to pick up a hay ball) before we were on our way.

I got to ride Sky again and this time she was much better but the trails were completely dry. Like they said it was the best they've seen all season. So, I don't know if it was the combo of dry trails, the gravol I took, and the wind but the ride was great. Until Sky slammed me into a tree. Again. After that I was mildly annoyed with her and tried to teach her what's what but it just wasn't going well. She kept falling behind and trotting to keep up and I HATE trotting. I'm not in the condition yet to fully do it without bouncing all over the saddle. Needless to say I was happy to get the fuck off when we got to the camp. Like I do love Sky, I really do, but ugh. Calm down honey, you're not going to be left behind.

Anyways, we decided to have dinner at Theresa's place and I was exhausted. It was 10:00pm when we left and I didn't get home until 11:30pm. But at least I can say I snapped some pics of Sky. This was the last ride of the season so now I can bloody well rest. I got home, talked to mum about the trip (which, in hindsight, was forgettable. I had a pretty forgettable Thanksgiving) and then went to bed.

But Monday, on our day off, I went to help at the farm. I had to wait for my cousin to show up then we started by calling her stud colt and taking pictures. Then we went and fed the studs who I FINALLY figured out their names: Helios, Drake, Bandit, Larkin, Whiskey, Champ, Slade, and Duelly. Like 8 HORSES AND I FINALLY LEARNED THEM. Like fffffffffffff.

Anyways, fed them, then went to go fetch Promise and her foal to wean her. Then we did that, went and had some water, dicked around, then came back and pulled Promise from the pen and left the little foal in. Then we played switcharoo with two fillies my cousin bought and this is where the fun began. The Palomino filly, this was her first time being led. She did okay. But then we tied her so my cousin could brush her and she flipped out. Shannon asked me to hold the rope, she warned me not to touch her but I put my hand up to separate me from the filly and... bam. Touched the filly. She flipped out and jumped on me.

Fuck did it hurt.

I got away and just sort of stood holding the rope but fuuuuuuuuuck the pain. It was completely my fault so the bruise on my foot is all on me but ugggh. Anyways, she got brushed then we took her and made her stand for pictures. Then the other one was taken out and that thing was wild. She flipped out so much that I just didn't go near her.

After she was thrown into a pen we cleaned the stalls and I was about done. I had to go shopping at some point so when my cousin asked if I wanted to round up ponies I told her I needed to book it. I went, got my mom, we went shopping, but I didn't really relax until 8:00pm that night. I had an hour to myself before I went to bed.

Like I have a test today and a test tomorrow and I didn't study at all. I really gotta do catch up and then go to the mall and see about getting my Shiny Gengar (if this store is doing it). All in all... I'm tired. Not to mention still a bit mixed since my dad is super pissed I want Sky. He just blew me off in his text messages and I dunno. It annoys me because fuck you, dad.

The one thing I can say about Sky is yeah, she's gonna cost a lot. She's a horse and I technically have no money. But fuck, when I think about her and when she becomes mine, I have a horse. One who I can train and breed and run up to the gate to see and have her come to me. That thought alone makes me want to just get a fucking job and do whatever to pay for her. I don't care if she comes before my health, she'll be my horse. I want to breed her. I may even want to keep one of her foals, who knows. But fuck, she's mine. I like her owners. I like learning the responsibility. I like being apart of the community of horse owners who go riding and come back and care for their horses before we sit down and eat and such. It's fucking NICE.

Ugh, now I'm getting worked up. I should study. Blech. Get my mind off of things...