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23 October 2014 @ 10:29 am
Common Cold  
Blergh I feel gross. I woke up this morning around 2am and I could feel the lump in the back of my throat. Completely gross. I drank some water and wrapped myself up in my blankets more but I fear I caught the common cold. I hate this time of the year for that. Means I have to breathe through my mouth...

Anyways, what's new with me? Well, I've been playing Pokemon. A lot. In fact, I just need 40 more pokemon and I will be finished the Pokedex in Pokemon Y. I'm super excited for it, not because I really want the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Y but more for the fact I can move them over to ORAS when I get it and get the Shiny Charm IN THAT GAME. I'm giddy for it.

In other news, I have to move in my Chemistry class on suggestion of my teacher. I talked to her about the one student who sits by me and is disrespectful during class time by playing his 3DS or App games on his iPad. It's super annoying and the teacher said she will talk to him but suggested I move and sadly, I think I have to. I don't want to but you know. This is my education and I got to take control of it.

The only other interesting thing to happen is someone asked me why I stopped writing on the meme. I thought that was sweet. To avoid drama, I can't answer it, but sometimes I wish I could. I'd like to meet the one anon who cared enough to ask ;w;