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21 November 2014 @ 05:02 pm
Alpha Dog  
I am 11 hours into the game and just heading to Slateport to chase down Archie.

Ugh, I should stop but I really just want to power through this. Srsly. I wanna transfer my pokedex over, have this done, then I can wait for my cartridge games to come and play them slowly.

So far, I am enjoying it but I mean, I have major nostalgia glasses on here. Sapphire was one of my favourites along with Platinum (I like Good Guy Maxie) and just going through it is just OH REMEMBER THIS AREA OH REMEMBER HOW NORMAN SUCKS BECAUSE HIS FUCKING SLAKING OH REMEMBER THE HOT SPRINGS etc. I mean most of my good times are remembering when I played this back on the gameboy advance so of course I am enjoying it but I do ask myself if I would be if I didn't have the nostalgia fever.

But then again, Hoenn's story is so, so, so much fucking better than X & Y's... Like I feel at ease already not having to deal with LYSANDRE CRYING. SO SAD. SUCH SYMPATHY.


Alright, back into it. Then I'll probably decorate my base. Again.