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12 February 2015 @ 12:07 pm
So, I started today with watching some videos on Keith Richardson and the lions he takes care of. It reminded me I bought Blackfish the other day and I hadn't seen it in a while. So, I threw that on.

Well, not far in I actually became curious on what Seaworld's "Believe" was. And it honestly wasn't what I expected. Like, I am really, really glad my parents didn't take me to Seaworld when we went to Florida.

Because this isn't what I expected.

I thought Seaworld was like, a place where you could see whales and dolphins in habitats that looked like their own and such. This show, which I actually thought Believe was like, a mini-mentary on Orcas, is pure corporation shill. If you believe hard enough, you can be friends with a whale? And then most of it is trainers dancing and standing on whales?

This is really not what I thought. Like, this isn't moving to me. It feels like a lot of rock music and graphics paired with "IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE YOU CAN DO ANYTHING" like are you kidding me. Maybe when I was 12 I would be all over this but then when I was twelve and super into Orcas, my parents bought me documentaries of the orcas off Vancouver Island. I still would have been disappointed this was all about theatrics and showmanship. What about the whales? And how come they always say "I forged a relationship with Shamu" like there's four different whales in that tank who the fuck is Shamu.

Gah, I don't know. Maybe I honestly thought this was something different and I'm shocked it's not. Also, they keep reusing the same audience footage and it's bothering me.