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27 February 2015 @ 06:12 pm
Shopping Adventures  
So, I got spoiled this week. On Wednesday I stayed home from school because I got a 90% on my quiz and figured I was the bomb and could take a day off. On that day I convinced my mom we should go out and buy a tablecloth for upcoming Easter. Mostly because I had this HUGE long spiel at her about Easter because I'm sick of constantly doing starchy holiday dinners. No, seriously.

Every holiday dinner - aka Christmas - we have the same fucking thing. Pickles, salad, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and buns. Every. Fucking. Christmas. It grates on my nerves because it used to be special. Until it was constantly done all the time. Even when my mom has her dinners, it's always the same thing and I told her enough is enough. We need to fucking do something else. I suggested we do a more Israeli theme this time. Lamb, Mediterranean flavors to celebrate spring coming, and no fucking scones. And she agreed once I gave my impassioned speech. Mostly because I hauled up a lot of my cookbooks and slammed them down and yelled on how I didn't spend $2000 on all my cookbooks for us to ignore them.

Anyways, we go to town to get a tablecloth. We first hit Wal-Mart and I found these awesome ass glasses for $1 each. We got ten. Then some placemats. And a tablecloth. Then we looked at movies for her and she picked Dolphin Tale and whatever, my mom likes movies like that. It's her thing. But then after we headed to the dollar store and picked up some shit. Gardening things. We found another tablecloth. And I got two more glass oil bottles. Our purchases were pretty low.

lol and then we went to Winners. Which is like, the fucking best place ever. I found like, 6 cookbooks. And a bottle. And a small potholder. I needed them ok. We walked out spending ehhh quite the bit of money. Then I bought my dad's birthday present. Which is in April. Okay, I had to otherwise it would be gone! And then we went to Sobeys because Jamie Oliver has his items there and ho ho ho I got a Lazy Susan and 3 dishes. Then we hit Superstore and more money spent but at the end of the day we have some real nice shit now.

Anyways, my mom was sort of on the fence about how much money we spent but I was like "meh cookbooks." So then today rolls around. I wasn't going to go to class because it was a review day but then I was convinced and went. Before, we went to the Winners in the city. LOL.

8 cookbooks
3 bottles of oil
4 knives
3 peelers
1 platter my mom is in love with
1 tablecloth
1 grill pan

The best part is, it only came out to $200 and most of my cookbooks are listed at $30 a pop like FUCK do I love Winners. My mom is like "okay that was a bit much" but NAW LOOKIT THESE COOKBOOKS LIKE 2 ARE WILLIAM-SONOMA MUM THOSE ARE EXPENSIVE AS FUCK