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03 April 2015 @ 08:03 am
April Fools I Hope  
I just got an email from Livejournal doing their Remember Livejournal marketing promotion and I sort of just... laughed at it? I mean, I buy the subscription for here because I loathe seeings ads (yes, I have adblock too but it's not the same) and to have ten billion icons but I don't know a SINGLE person that would come back here. Like, I still like it but come on... Livejournal has gone to the wayside like Myspace, Digg It, Nexus, and Quizalla or whatever the other garbage sites I used to visit were.

I'm comfortable here but tumblr is the norm now with pre-teen girls wanting to make drama. I prefer this for putting up my fanfics because it's a lot cleaner and organized but yeah, with AO3 and shit... yeeeeeeeeeah no. Sorry. No one's coming back.

Which is a shame but hey. The world.