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15 April 2015 @ 05:55 pm
Me Being a Loser, part One  
Okay, this actually took me a while to stage. Not because it was difficult. I mean, really, I had to just stand there and let the brawl bug plugin engage. No, it was difficult because I had not much time so that Balgruuf was placed sort of right in relation to me (Siddgeir). The result?

Ehhhh. It works. I mean, it got down what I wanted. Which is that Siddgeir is smaller in height than the others.

Not Impressed

My baby is actually closer to the table making him appear large in frame but when I pulled back, I did actually achieve it. But the lighting was terrible so screw that shot. Point is, it highlighted another of my headcanons.

Siddgeir is shorter than the other Nord Jarls.

Yes, I know, cliche. Short and the youngest? Jeez, what's next. He's an asshole because no one listens to him... oh wait.

Anyways. Why is this one of my headcanons? Eh, it's mostly due to the reading I've done on height in the Elder Scrolls. Nords are supposed to be 6"3 (wtf) and built like tanker trucks. Altmers are 6"5, and Bretons are small at 5"9 (men and women) and Bosmer are 5"3 (My height ;w;). Except I always ALWAYS saw Siddgeir was 6"1, so when him and Nenya get into spats and he's on his little platform where his throne is, he's got equal footing against her until he steps down. And he fucking hates stepping down to his actual height because the fuck if he's going to look up at her when he yells. And she's aware of this because the only time she can ever get through his thick skull is if he's down on his level so... their fights get interesting.

Also, my Altmer is 6"1 and significantly shorter than the typical Altmer which is noted. A lot. Genetics and starvation suck. So, yeah. Always saw him as shorter. Even in Modern AUs, he's still always shorter than them all.

Speaking of other headcanons.. why am I so adamant his eyes are green? There is really no reason tbh. I just think every Nord being multi-color haired and skin should reflect that in their eyes. Where's the green eyes? Because Siddgeir would rock green more than blue. Also, I change his crown a lot. If he's in his damn fall refined tunic, his crown should be ruby and gold. Not damn well green like wtf Skyrim have you ever looked at color coordination. I know he's a guy but he can afford to make himself match.

He also wears an Amulet of Zenithar. Why? Because in only TWO playthroughs - TWO - I found amulets in his room when I was robbing him blind. The first time, I found an Amulet of Zenithar. Which was fucking gold because I needed one like hella bad. The other was an Amulet of Dibella and I literally paused and went "SON" because wtf. I know you can sleep next to him like whatever but come now, boy. Never have I found any other amulets so I do headcanon he worships Zenithar the most and Dibella is his secondary. He is supposed to be skilled in Speechcraft so it makes sense.

And yeah. I also have him wearing an emerald and gold ring because it matches his eyes and lust for wealth and some bloody bandages which give better pickpocketing but people look lowly at you. Which, I mean, I assume people already do. I mean, I love him but the general consensus on Siddgeir is he's a prick who needs a sword shoved into his neck. Something I both feed upon and cry about. Like that is MY baby, thank you. If anyone is going to kill him, it will be ME and in the most BRUTAL ways I can think of. So, step back gurl.

Anyways. These are some of my stupid headcanons. *throws glitter*