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18 April 2015 @ 05:39 pm
Me Being a Loser, Part Five  
This is the "I'm getting really annoyed about this shit" pose. Fits him to a T.


Anyways, Moth priest, right? No. I grabbed an assignment for Gunmar to go talk to someone about a vampire friend. It was Carlotta surprisingly. Anyways, where did it say to go? Morvunskar. Of course. I need to go to Winterhold anyways so, why not. All the carriage drivers are useless and Serana shut me down when I asked if she would get a cure. Like whatever. Although, I find it sort of funny, her eyes don't glow in my edition. I think it's a mod doing it but it sort of makes it kind of.. interesting. She doesn't look like a vampire which I find better than GLOWY EYES ARE VAMPIRES AND NO ONE CAN TELL BUT YOU.


Look at these obviously best friends forever.

Moving along. I stopped at Valtheim to grab Sorine's Dwemer Schematics. It was pitch black so guess who did all the work? Serana. Also fought a dragon which... Serana took down. I mean, I shot twice with the Bow of the Stag Prince but come on. Dragons are annoying. Anyways, wound about. Found myself over a mountain. Lost Serana. Came upon Raldbthar and it reminded me...




Siddgeir's never seen a Dwemer Ruin. I mean, yes, there's Markarth but it's inhabited and the people have left their mark. An actual Dwemer Ruin is something new to him because he's from Falkreath. That doesn't exist there. So Raldbthar was taken in with some awe before he went and killed a bunch of bandits. I will give Siddgeir this - he doesn't even have the eagle eye perk and he's a great shot.


Then Serana came along, cue fighting and her ignoring him before he goes to mark down where the fuck they are since this territory isn't exactly known to him. Like, Falkreath he knows. The other Holds? Well, they're all shit to him, he's the fucking Jarl of Falkreath not the other garbage Holds so what does he know about them. And then Serana apologizes because honestly, he's such a baby and he bitches if he dies, the Dawnguard's gonna just slice her up so fucking oblivion, TRY to stay close.





Yeah, they're REAL good friends. Not.

He may also bitch real hard about her whole Necromancy thing because srsly cut that shit out he just killed a man he doesn't need to turn around and see the bastard walking again and she just ignores him.

Anyways, here's some Morvunskar shots to go with this since they naturally tackled it:


Siddgeir: Do you think this was overkill?
Serana: Maybe a little.


Serana: What are you doing?
Siddgeir: What does it look like? They're dead. They don't need the septims they have.
Serana: You're looting bodies?
Siddgeir: Hey, I don't get paid for fighting with the Dawnguard. Take your judgments elsewhere.


Siddgeir: Why are they always naked...
Serana: They're mages.
Siddgeir: What's that's supposed to mean?
Serana: I'll tell you when you're older.
Siddgeir: I'm twenty-eight, you hag!
Serana: Like I said, when you're older kiddo.
Siddgeir: Oh, fuck you.


Siddgeir: What the fuck?
Serana: Yeah... Exactly what you said.

Nyxalinthnyxalinth on April 19th, 2015 12:05 am (UTC)
I love their banter! So fun.

I'm under strict orders to leave the kids at home next time I take Zade out for screenshots lol.
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧: Solid Green Terrorbluecherrybomb on April 19th, 2015 12:23 am (UTC)
tbh I'm having way more fun writing the both of them in my head than I should. It's just too easy.

Ahahaha awww but they're so much fun :D