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19 April 2015 @ 06:57 am
Me Being a Loser, Part Six  

Fun finding a Moth Priest...

So, talking to Windhelm's carriage driver proved to be valuable. The driver mentioned he seen a Moth Priest... but he can't be sure where. This is exactly the point where Siddgeir would roll his eyes and throw the man a bunch of coins because fuck it, just tell us for fuck's sakes. Funny how that immediately refreshes people's memories. Anyways, the decided to ride the carriage to Morthal and go from there. He slept and she did as well. What else were they going to do?

Anyways, Morthal proved to be great because while they were heading to Dragonbridge, they came across the cart. Serana found the note and they headed to the nearby cave where Siddgeir looked this shit over since what the flying fuck is that blue shit over there. Serana doesn't know. So they decided fuck it, go in guns blazing.



Siddgeir got infected with vampirism and had to cure it. Serana dealt with the weystone and then both kicked a priest's ass until he relented. Of course Siddgeir is nothing but rude since he's annoyed but thank the divines Dexion is cordial. And they decide to accompany him back to Fort Dawnguard. After all, he had no fucking guards and is unarmed. Siddgeir and Serana are at least armed to the teeth.


Also, Dexion would find this fascinating. A vampire working with humans? Remarkable. Siddgeir doesn't give a flying fuck and they thankfully come across a carriage in Rorikstead and hop it to Riften. He sleeps, Serana has to entertain Dexion and it's pretty mundane. Except when they get back. Sorine gets her schematics but she asks Siddgeir to go find Florentius and he agrees because UGH fucking FINE.

Dexion does his shit, Isran gives Siddgeir an assignment that Jarl Laila is in trouble and he's like HA HA GOOD. Until he realizes he has to go help her because "You're a Jarl, aren't you?" and he's like THE SHIT SHE'S A FUCKING STORMCLOAK. But hey, Isran don't care and Isran's word is law so deal with it. So, Siddgeir has a bit of a hissy fit.

When he's done, Serana sort of tugs him aside. The Elder Scroll of Blood. Her mother has it and she has no idea where her mother is. Siddgeir answers her real rude and she gets pissed off and leaves and he's sort of like FUCCCCCK because come fucking on people. But eventually he goes after Serana because she's at least easier to deal with than Isran. So he has to sarcastically ask her forgiveness and she's not really satisfied but whatever. They can go find Florentius and she can deal with the vampire BUT he has to take her to a coven of vampires who may know where her mother is AND not kill them and he just grumbles because what fucking ever.


So, they have to search for Florentius. Isran said Ruunvald so they try there and Serana finds Volk's journal. Guess they're going in. Vigilants attack them so they have no choice in killing them. Siddgeir doesn't feel good about it but whatever.

And they do eventually find Flortentius. And he's fucking cracked in the head. But hey, more for the Dawnguard. Now they have to go to Riften, kill a vampire, and the trek all the way back to Castle Volkihar. FUN.


This is honestly the part where Siddgeir really starts sending messages to Solitude on when the fuck his Hold and Longhouse is going to be rebuilt because fuuuuuuuuuck.
Nyxalinthnyxalinth on April 19th, 2015 01:46 pm (UTC)