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19 April 2015 @ 11:29 am
Me Being a Loser, Part Seven  

Oh look. A crappy sword for all that work. Typical.

Riften was insane. Serana didn't talk to the Jarl, she just went all out and killed the thing sending the guards into a frenzy. As they left, Siddgeir basically yelled at her "EVER HEAR OF SUBTLY?" and they squabble once they get as far from Riften as possible. But whatever. Sorine has some more dwemer shit she needs tracked down. They have to go to Lost Knife Hideout. Serana says 'whatever' and goes with it.

Securing the schematics isn't hard and they regroup after. Siddgeir figures they should just courier the dwemer plans to Sorine and keep going. Serana doesn't object. They're moving past Dragonbridge when a courier comes to them and gives them word from Gunmar. There's a vampire masquerading in Solitude. Kill it. Siddgeir says fine and as they go, they see one of the Companions. Both just look at each other and keep moving. Serana asks if they recognized him and he says he doubts it. Weird that they're near Solitude though.




Anyways, they go in, Siddgeir watches Roggvir's execution as it does interest him. Feels like a lifetime ago when Torygg was killed. They find the vampire, he does a power kill with his warhammer and Serana is relieved, they can go to the castle but nope. He wants to see Elisif. He wants to know when this shit is going to be done.



Naturally, the meeting doesn't go well. Elisif is shocked to see him wearing such things but of course they fight because they hate each other and he leaves, furious. Fuck it. Whatever. Guess they're going to the fucking castle. Serana just follows because... whatever. Though his mood sets her off.


When they get there she asks him if he's fine and he grumbles. They just need to get this over with.

Castle Shot:



The Courtyard was interesting. Both of them tried to figure it out. He found the first thing and was about to toss it away when she stopped him. Serana told him to find the others and he went into the North Tower and fought shit. Came out with some coins and a necklace. Anyways, they had an argument over the phases of the moon before they figured it out and it was into the Tower Ruins or the "Bullshit fucking Ruins."







And they hit her mother's laboratory. Siddgeir admits it's impressive. His mother was an alchemist but never to this extent. When Serana mentions this all looks to be stuff to enhance her mother's necromancy he's sort of disgusted but whatever. They search around. In her bookcase he sort of chuckles when he finds the Lusty Argonian Maid but he finds her journal. He takes it to her and she discusses opening this portal and he marks down some things. They collect the ingredients, he makes sure it's right before he goes and changes. While he does, he does ask about her mother and Serana discusses her thoughts. I mean, her mother was her best friend then she totally changed. Why?





He doesn't know, he doesn't know why women do what they do but they'll find out when they meet her mother. Of course, portal opens, he gets his soul slightly damaged and he comes back to her and she goes through her mother's journal to figure it out.


Oh. The portal wants to consume him. Well... there are two options. Become a vampire, or split his soul.

Oh boy.