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20 April 2015 @ 07:09 pm
Me Being a Loser, Part Eleven  
Alright... guess we're going to Falkreath.




So, after a rather interesting trip around Skyrim (Sorine had one last set of Dwemer Schematics she wanted and Siddgeir agreed because THIS IS THE LAST TIME), they come out of Ortheim and he's thinking about this place where the Moths live. He remember it being full of spriggons and he's rather iffy on the whole thing. Really, it's going back that's bothering him. Serana reassures him.


So, they go. The Hold is not falling to pieces without him, much to his annoyance, but he won't go see the town. They'll get these scrolls read and get on with it. Preferrably away from the Hold he still owns yet neglects like anything.


When they get in there and there's no spriggons he's surprised. He's even more surprised on what's deeper in the glade. He's never seen this and Serana remarks on how beautiful it is. But they have work to do.



Siddgeir: Is this that draw knife?
Serana: Must be.
Siddgeir: How is it floating? What sort of magic exists that makes a stupid knife float?
Serana: Who knows, don't question it.



Siddgeir: Are you sure I'm supposed to be swarmed by these?
Serana: No. But it's sort of cute. They like you.
Siddgeir: This is stupid. Why can't you read the fucking Elder Scrolls?
Serana: Because if one of us goes blind, it should be you.
Siddgeir: I fucking hate you.
Serana: Yeah, no you don't. Now come on, scroll boy. Read.


Siddgeir: What the fuck? What is this shit?
Serana: What do you see?
Siddgeir: Lines and shit. Thank god our journals magically update with where we need to go because I never would have figured this out.
Serana: Yes, let's thank our magical journals that no one questions.

Yeah, I mean, I get the ram and the wolf but shit, the first time I did this, I never would have fucking figured this out.




Anyways, he survives, he isn't blind for some reason and when Serana says she was scared she might lose him on how pale he got, he jests her until he gets some. Because ha ha, someone cares for me. What a loser. But of course it's cut short by damn vampires.



Short work was made of them. Anyways, so they head into the Reach to find Darkfall Cave. I imagine they would ask around if anyone knows of the place too because what if the scrolls are wrong and the bow is actually in one of the other provinces. That WOULD make sense, you know. Tamriel is big. But they eventually find it.


Siddgeir: You ready?
Serana: Are you ready?
Siddgeir: No. But I guess that doesn't really matter, does it?
Serana: Nope.



So they come to... a dead end. Serana gets pissed because what, no, there MUST be something! Siddgeir says maybe this isn't the right cave. Or, logically, someone already got the bow by random exploring. He moves to leave and the fucking bridge comes apart.


They resurface with some goddamn spiders and make quick work of them. Further down the cave, they come across a curious sight.



He lights the fire and they basically regroup. They can either go back and go beat the shit out of Dexion because the Elder Scrolls suck. Or keep going. And Siddgeir tells her that if they do, there is a real possibility they might die, depending on what else is in there. Serana knows. But they go.



After some surprisingly easy troll slaying they come across.... Gelebor. Basically, it fucks the both of them up because holy fucking shit. I mean, Siddgeir assumes he's an Albino High Elf and Serana thinks it's a scam. Until he mentions Auriel's Bow.



So for thousands and thousands of years, people have found Gelebor all looking for the bow and no one has succeeded. Siddgeir sarcastically comments those odds are great. Gelebor tries to reassure them but both are pretty much "Whatever, fuck it, right? The bow is here. We'll get it. What the fuck ever." I mean, Gelebor's not too keen on their attitude but he has a feeling this time, Auriel will guide them. Siddgeir just looks to Serana and asks how much more she wants to dive into caves. She's unenthusiastic and he grins. Oh goody. Both of them will be miserable! Perfect!

So they go to find a fucking bow.