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20 April 2015 @ 08:37 pm
Me Being a Loser, Part Twelve  
Darkfall cave sucks.






They deal with Falmer, weird ass plants, and when they finally come to weird levers to pull, they enter into what Siddgeir describes as "Blackreach on skooma." Like the sabre cat took them off guard. The deer more because WHAT IS THAT. But they find the ghost of the Prelate and enter the shrine.


He actually assumes they're going into another cave, as does she, so when they emerge, she has to stop. Something's bothering her. She holds him back, asking what he thinks of all this and he answers honestly. He thinks it's fucked up. Fifteen daedra fucked up. But considering he's had his soul split, seen mechanical men move, and apparently a snow elf, he's beginning to just go with it.

She says, no, between them. He's made out twice with a vampire. He shrugs. She's still a Nord, right? She sighs and they go up and find out the Vale is not a series of caves at all.




He's fucking gobsmacked and she finds it incredible but as he starts marking shit down, she tells him that, you know, she finds him attractive and all but this isn't going to work. She's a vampire. He points out he's a Jarl. Technically, she's of lower birth than him - yes, even if she's a Lord's daughter since he's the lord of a stupid castle on an island what good is that - and that, you know, he's aware this isn't going to work. But fuck it, right? This entire bullshit has been putting his life on the line. He likes her. So he might as well express it before they actually die.

She finds his cynicism so... like him and he shrugs it off. But it's getting late. They should sleep for the night. Or, technically, he should sleep and he goes down, looking at the ruined snow elf columns and she comes to him.




If he dies tomorrow, she will never forgive him for leaving her in such a place. He comments likewise but also leaving him to go back through that shitty cave alone with who knows how many falmer and she laughs. He settles in for the night because the one thing about that place is that it's peaceful and she stays watch.



Well, she stayed watch for a while until she had to wake him up. Guess why.




It wasn't bad but in the morning when they both sober up it becomes a sort of "..." and don't talk about it kind of thing. Because, you know, she's technically dead and he's very much alive and she sort of realizes that... wow. That was awkward. And he just agrees and it's just awkward all around. They keep their distance from each other and find the next wayshrine.





The Ewer's been filled up twice and going over a hill reveals the Vale to it's full. Serana finds this incredible and Siddgeir admits silently it's... something alright. He hops on some rocks and spots another ghost and they go fill up the ewer again before crossing the frozen river to continue. Still apart from each other but it's a bit less awkward.







They come to a frozen lake and Serana says she feels uneasy about this. Especially when they find the skeletons. He tries to figure out how they died, considering one looks like they stabbed the other in the back and as he does, they hear a distant rumbling. Serana doesn't like it but he sort of cockily assures her it's probably just the ice shifting.


He indicates that probably on the other side of the lake is a wayshrine and she cautiously agrees making him roll his eyes. Fine, he'll go. What does he care?




Two fucking dragons. Two. Fucking. Dragons.


They get separated by the one and Siddgeir has a choice. He can run to where he sees some snow elf ruins or he can fight to help Serana make a break for it.

He turns to fight.