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27 April 2015 @ 11:40 am
Me Being a Loser, Part Fourteen  

To kill a Vampire Lord.



Before he goes he looks at the Chantry one last time. After all, it's going to be the last time he sees it. They go back through Darkfall Cave and he stops at the shrine of Auri-el. Feels like a lifetime ago he first saw the last snow elf. They go back to the Rift, hopping a carriage from Karthwasten and Isran is more than pleased to go destroy the Volkihar vampires. He asks about Serana and Siddgeir mentions she'll be fine. So they all head out, the entire division to take down the vampires. Serana is quiet most of the way but that isn't surprising.



When it comes to the castle, it's not heavily fortified but the damn vampires keep infecting them all. Siddgeir moves past them and finds the entrance to where Harkon lays alone. Serana catches up with him and she confronts her father. He only reacts when it looks like Harkon is about to move first.





The battle isn't long. When you have the bow of a god on your side, it makes it easy. Despite Harkon's abilities, he can't outrun bursts of sunlight and he eventually succumbs to the bow.





Serana goes to the altar of Molag Bal and she asks for some time alone. He gives it to her, clipping the bow on his back and Isran comes in. He thanks Siddgeir for his service and then he goes to talk to Serana. Siddgeir leaves them. He has something to do.




It's not exactly what he wants but there is no reason for her mother to still be in the wretched place. He goes in alone.


It's not hard to find Valerica. After all, where else would she be? She isn't surprised to see him but she is surprised when he says he killed Harkon. He shows her the bow and she's relieved and he just sighs. It's time to go back. All of them. Valerica follows him out, asking little questions. Is Serana alright? He says he doesn't know.


When he comes out of the Soul Cairn, watching Valerica see her study again, sitting down on a real bench, Serana finds him. He indicates he brought her mother and she's pleased and all and he goes to leave. He has to go back to Fort Dawnguard. She says she'll accompany him.


Though, in the courtyard she asks what he'll do. He shrugs and she's rather displeased by that. She thanks him for his help in all this and he shrugs it off. Someone had to do it. She tells him she means it and he says they should go. Isran will be waiting. She says she'll catch up. After all, it's been a long time since she's seen her mother. So he goes it alone. Back at the Fort, he gives over the bow. What would he need it for? He also gets rid of the two Elder Scrolls to Dexion who pays him for it and he, for once, isn't that thrilled on taking it. But hey, money is money.


When he goes to leave, putting on his old clothes, he meets Serana at the gates. She asks where he's going and he tells her. Home.


Of course, she sort of asks more questions which annoy him and finally he tells her. Look. He likes her. She's a really fine woman. But she's dead and a vampire and he's a Jarl. His place is in Falkreath and hers is now with the Dawnguard or with her mother. Whichever she prefers. She doesn't protest this. I mean, yeah, she's not curing herself. She's a vampire and she went through a lot to be one. But is he really just okay with leaving?


Yeah. He is. And so they part.

Falkreath still isn't the same. They are still building but at least the damn Longhouse is mostly done. Nenya is surprised to see him back since they all did assume he was never coming back making him grumble. He's back. This is his Hold and shit and he isn't giving it up. Nenya says 'whatever' and they all move back to work.


He takes up his throne, sitting in the new chair and... he sits. It just isn't the same.


Nenya and Helvard move to go back to work and he's left there, alone, on his throne. He sighs. Whatever. He got his life back, shouldn't that be enough? But hell, when you get your soul torn, see a land that once held the snow elves, killed a vampire lord, and fell in love with a vampress, being a Jarl seems pretty mundane.

Ah, well. Welcome to life. Where hardly anything is fair.