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10 May 2015 @ 06:40 pm
Interesting, for a lack of better Word  
So, helped my cousin breed three of her mares today to three of her studs. That was interesting. I mean, Duelie is real sweet. He and Sunny were no problem to handle. But damn, Draco is a fucking psycho and Whiskey bit Rhonda so bad we had to put disinfectant on it.

But yeah, I learned basically how horses mate and spent the most part of the day listening to her stallions have a meltdown since they can all see her mares and smell which ones are in heat but can't do anything about it. Most of her mares don't give a shit and I did pet a good majority of them since they were being needy. But crimony, her studs.

Whatever, tomorrow, I get to go see Sky. I get her on May 31st, that's the day she's being weaned from her filly and I just really want to see my two babies. I ain't breeding Sky for a long time after this, I will say. My poor girl doesn't need damn stallions biting her and messing her up.