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11 May 2015 @ 05:19 pm
Yeah, so, watched Rhonda kick Whiskey right in his dick. Traumatizing.

Anyways, we got three others bred today. Sunny to Duelie again, Jett to Draco, and Fancy and Bandit. But yeah, Rhonda sure did Whiskey in. I really hope he's is alright. Like, I don't care about all of my cousin's studs but Helios, Duelie, Whiskey, and Larkin are like... special. Mostly because I think they're beautiful. Helios is incredibly handsome and easy to handle. Larkin is a fucking idiot but damn, he's pretty. Duelie is the biggest sweetheart. And Whiskey is damn impressive. Like he would look amazing in shows. So when one gets kicked in the dick... yeah, I feel terrible.

Anyways, didn't go see Sky. We're hauling horses on Friday so I guess that's when I'll see my dear precious girl. But hey, at least Sunny sucked up to me today so I pet her a lot. I really love my cousin's old girls.