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15 May 2015 @ 07:10 am
More Ridiculous Decisions  
Okay, so I spent more money. This time on the Collector's Edition book for Bloodborne - despite me not even owning a PS4 or the game - and two Elder Scrolls journals from Amazon. I went back on the store to try and figure out when the next set of books were coming out because, in all honesty, I really fucking want them despite not having the money. My Elder Scrolls Online books are beautiful in themselves and I am really happy I do have them as they are just invaluable resources for myself. And considering I've pumped more than 3,000 hours into Skyrim, I think I can treat myself to the books.

The hard part is just waiting. I got two emails saying my package from Bethesda and Playstation Gear sent so I just need to wait for them. Which, again. Waiting is really damn hard.

Anyways, today I need to jet over to my cousin's and then I get to go down and see my dear sweet princess, Sky. My mom's starting to get worried on us buying her foal so I need to ask my cousin if I can store the little twit at her place until around September/October. She just needs to be weaned from her. Then I can try teaching her, which my mom is still unsure of. I think we can do it. It's almost like my future project. If she doesn't work out, then, well, I guess we're selling her but I hope it never gets to that point. I really want her daughter to work out for us.

Other than that, still reading the Bloodborne lore analysis. Need to drop a link so I don't forget it.

The Paleblood Hunt

I really am digging this stuff, mostly for what I can use between Plain Doll/The Hunter. I'm even starting to lean towards The Hunter/Eileen because they are two outsides come to Yharnam to seek answers and a cure. Who better for him to get attached to? And maybe something with Isoefka. Because damn, what the ever-loving fuck. So, yeah.