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18 May 2015 @ 08:13 pm
Gotta love People  
I was on tumblr trying to get some more Bloodborne pics. Also, you know, checking out the scene on some of my favourite blogs. And there was this thing about how someone couldn't fathom how a person got so obese that simple tasks winded them. They were asking an anti-fat acceptance blog who told them obese people who have always been that way don't know what they're missing. And I was like... yeah, okay.

So, I stupidly decided to look at the blog. And what do you know, it's the same old story. They say "We don't hate fat people!" but then two posts down there's this thing on how fat people are killing themselves, wake up people how can you do this to yourself. And I just got to that point that I rolled my eyes and shut it down.

Look. Just admit you don't like fat people. Don't sit around going "Oh, no, dearie! We believe if you're healthy, that's fine!" and then two seconds later "Natural selection will take its course with these people." Which is it. Do you think if someone is healthy but they are overweight they are fine or that because they are fat, they will die and it will all be chalked up to natural selection and thinning of the herd.

People honestly make me roll my eyes so hard. Like, I get glamorizing being obese is shitty. There is no glamour with it. But to constantly tell someone who isn't your body type (thin or fat) that they need to conform to what is healthy in your mind which is a jacked up Olympic athlete... yeah, no. I can move horses. I can fetch them from a field, though I may walk slower. I do agree I need to lose weight but it sure the fuck won't be because of blogs like that. My mom dropped a ton of weight and yes, it made me super jealous despite the fact she did it because she was so depressed she stopped eating. But I'm not going to get down a bit in my pounds by doing stupid stuff just so the Internet will approve of me.

Anyways. Threw on the Wii Fit right now. I need to get my balance in order some for when I ride Sky. That's what I'm thinking of right now. Other than people are irritating. After this, I might bother my cats. Because Bel is just begging to get a raspberry blown on her stomach... I may come back with scratch marks in my face.