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28 May 2015 @ 09:10 am
Well, my books came. And it hyped me up so bad for the upcoming Skyrim book from Bethesda. Like so hyped now. What came in my order was the Aldmeri Dominion hoodie (it's not as soft and fuzzy as my Wall of Alduin sweater was but it'll serve well in the fall), the mudcrab plush (came with a code for a free in-game mudcrab WHICH I CAN'T GET) and the Tales of Tamriel volume one. Again, the book is incredibly beautiful.

But getting it got me super pumped for the Skyrim books coming out. Like hskdgfjd. This shit is quality and I want them all. But for now, all my leather-bound Elder Scrolls books are sitting on my shelf next to my pokemon books. It seems fitting my two favourite series are together.

I also got the Art of the Uncharted Trilogy in the mail. Honestly, I expected more from the book because the Art of Uncharted 2 was one of the best purchases I ever made, but it's still pretty. I'm glad to have it in my gaming art book collection which is slowly growing by itself.

So, now all I need left is the Elder Scrolls journals I bought and the Bloodborne guidebook because HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH. Today, I was actually thinking I should write more Bloodborne fanfiction but I think I might just continue my nuzlocke. And fuck around with my pokemon books because ilusm pokemon. As you can tell, my priorities sure are set straight.