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12 June 2015 @ 08:57 pm
Champion of the World  
Oh man, today was tense. But I finally did it. I ended my Nuzlocke run of Diamond, 72 hours later. I beat the Champion with no deaths making it 12 deaths in total since I started (God, some of them killed me) and now all I have to do is start worldbuilding and seeing if I can write this out. I really want to but I don't want to make a bunch of loose headcanons. After reading this one unfinished run that was very tightly knit together, I want to make sure mine is just like that.

But to do so... I might go read it again, ha ha. What I want to do is incorporate some Bloodborne mythos, Skyrim worldbuilding, and various references into a completely, good story. But again, I am doubting if it is. Should I scrap the romantic undertones or not...? But the entire point I started Diamond was to move into Alpha Sapphire. Hm.


Whatever. I guess tomorrow I'll get out some paper and start mapping how I want to go about things. Unless we do go down to see my horse, then I'll do that. But I think it might rain, for once, so there's no point in me mucking about.

Anyways. Yeah. Tomorrow, I should start worldbuilding and making notes on how I want this story to unfold. I don't want any loose ends on it, it should be tight like a perfect ball of wool so nothing is left frayed or unended. Whether I have the skill to do that... hm.