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13 June 2015 @ 08:25 pm
Surprising, I actually did as I said I was going to do today. And that was map out my run. It's 18 pages long of notes and such and I had to edit over that to see if it comes together. But basically I got it split into two parts. And Team Galactic is sort of downplayed, which I'm unsure if I like that or not. But at the same time, why would a kid be facing them? Especially when other, more powerful kids aren't.

I mapped out rivers, lakes, and the mountains. Watched Departures while I did to get a sense on what to do. It did give me the idea of putting Celestic Town with a monastery, which I think will be cool. But yeah, it's the second half giving me trouble. I think I need to allude more to Dialga and make the romance more believable.

Also, not sure if it's a good idea but I want to incorporate Pokemon subspecies into this. Like I have this idea that Chobit, my Girafarig, is a Snowy Girafarig. Meaning she has white going down her. And Azeri, my Rapidash, is a Carmello. Things like that which I think could be neat. But I suppose we'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow I should read over what I have previously written and make notes. I need to sort out my headcanons, that's for sure.