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19 June 2015 @ 07:47 am
lmao ftwbbq  
I'm sort of jumbled right now but for all the right reasons. So, I recently decided that meh, I'll try and get some Shiny Pokemon. Why not? Not much else I'm doing these days and it gets my mind off of certain things. So, anyways, I revved up Omega Ruby since I have the shiny charm and decided to clear the game of items and stuff before I tried this chaining and whatnot on Route 101.

Well, first, I ran into a Shiny Zubat in Meteor Falls. Complete random encounter. I was like hahaha sure! Caught it. It's a female. So I named it after one of my favourite nuzlocker's shiny zubats called Awesome. She's in the box now.

Then I cleared some of the areas of items and went to Route 101. Got the idea of chaining down, not that difficult. I decided later I was going to go for a Shiny Zorua but to start, try and get the lesser pokemon. While I was horde chaining, Shiny Zigzagoon came up! I was like hey hey, why not? Caught it, it's a boy, and I named him Orangesicle.

Anyways, today since I figured out my Secret ID for Platinum I decided to try and lookup RNG guides. Well, most of them are gibberish, straight up. But one sounded easy and I was like "Ehhh, alright." I tried it. It seemed sort of weird. But hey, I did it. Anyways, long story short...

I have a shiny Houndour. I couldn't believe it. And I wanted one for the Mega-Evolutions since they came out. I'm floored. So, today, I am RNG abusing the system. I have pretty much wanted shiny pokemon of all of generation 4 for a long time because they are my favourite and just ahahahahhaa. YES. When I'm done at least six of them, I'm going to transfer them to White 2. Then transfer those to Omega Ruby and train the cuties up. I need to figure out which system can take them, though, as my Omega Ruby is almost full with pokemon because it has my full living dex but idk. I'm just ecstatic right now.

Like FINALLY. Finally I can get a few of the babies I've wanted for headcanon reasons! Like a Shiny Lucario (I will try until I get a girl) named Amber and my Shiny Bastiodon for Byron!