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04 October 2015 @ 06:09 am
My computer is having an absolute shitfit right now. It switches between the text box and hitting itself and whatnot. I think that's an indication I need to restart it.

Hm, so what's new? Well, got my goal. Uesugi Kenshin is now my Plus 1 on the battlefield. Bitch is an absolute beast. My character is level 18 and Kenshin is... maybe a level 5? But he can hold himself up so damn well. I actually find myself playing as him more than my cute little wanderer because HNNNGH. His musou attack is just way too fun! But yeah. Kenshin and Aurora, tearing shit up all over Japan.

Though I did feel bad when I attacked Kagekatsu and Aya was on his side. I defeated her as Kenshin and she commented that she brought shame to herself and her brother. I was like.... aw, fuck, Aya... Now I feel bad. Actually, I find it very interesting how close those two are. When Aya is on Kenshin's side and Aya is being a badass, Kenshin will say "My sister is unmatched." And when Kenshin is destroying the battlefield, Aya comments on her "Precious little Kenshin." I think it's cute. Especially since Aya seems a tad psychotic and manipulative and Kenshin is just completely emotionless. It's like watching the Lannisters fight in battle.

Except these two aren't in love with each other.

Well, maybe Aya is. She did want Saburo to call her 'mother' when Kenshin took him is as a son but who knows. I put that more to her being controlling but hey, she could be in love with her brother. It's hard not to be when he's a fucking badass motherfucker on the battlefield. Anyways.

Actually, I am wondering if I should start writing these two. Within the fandom, the pretty boys are the ones with the fanart and fiction I notice. I don't blame people. Nobuyuki is incredibly sweet and Date is hilarious because he's such a power-hungry brat. But man, the Uesugi clan is just fucking perfect. Kenshin is emotionless, an obvious alcoholic (lmao srsly), and really naive sometimes. Aya is manipulative, strange (her food, wtf), and drop-dead gorgeous. Kagekatsu is intimidating but so soft-spoken it's precious. Fucking Kanetsugu is just... Kanetsugu. Him and his fucking rice song istg. And Kagetora is so new and eager and poor baby. I would literally watch a soap opera on them all. And it does make me want to write them. Probably starting with Kenshin and Aya because there is some sort of fun, messed up sibling relationship there. I don't want to say Aya has tortured him but I'm pretty sure Aya is the type of sibling to pull on her younger brother's ears and smile in delight when he writhes in pain.

Mm, guess that's it. I mean, in real life I have a Radio test coming up and shit but I could not care at this point in time. I'm actually happy for once focusing on something else. So, for today, that's what I'm going to do.