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06 October 2015 @ 05:55 pm
Where have all the Money Gone?  
So, I bought Samurai Warriors 4-II, even though I am nowhere near completed Samurai Warriors 4. But I couldn't help myself. What if Kenshin's in it AND HE HAS MORE INTERACTIONS WITH AYA. Also I think I'm in love with Kagekatsu. I was playing through his character thing and he does this thing where he awkwardly says he's terrible around women. But you (the player)... and then he sort of gets embarrassed. And I flipped a table because FUCK, YOU'RE CUTE. I am hardcore Team Uesugi now. And I want all of my babies to experience love, dammit.


Other than that, I blew $400 on deadmau5 shirts. Worth it. I also still think my classmates need to shut the hell up and two years is way too long for this shit. Typical crap.

But back to what's important. Seriously, Kagekatsu. HNNNNNNgh.

Fuck, I should write tonight.

Fuck it.